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Minutes of
April 19th, 2007

MEMBERS PRESENT: Seran Aktuna, Rakesh Bharati, Roger Boyd, Mike Crider, Chair, Dave Duvernell, Christa Johnson, Nancy Lutz, Maruice Mangum, Anne Perry, William White, S. William Whitson


I. Announcements

There were no announcements.

II. Minutes of March 22nd, 2007

After a small amendment to item III, requesting that the "check this box" language be omitted in line 3 on page 2, the minutes were approved as amended.

III. Funded University Research (FUR) Application and Guidelines Revisions

A proposal was presenting seeking to simplify the FUR application process by removing the separate GA request and setting one simple award ceiling. The request for funds should include a detailed budget and justification for ALL requested funds, including release time and GA support.

The new guidelines emphasize the importance of the budget justification, the electronic submission process, and raise the cap on total award to $12,000. In addition, four aspects in the primary evaluation criterion of the proposal are weighted as follows:

1. The originality/creativity and significance of the proposed research (30%)

2. The clarity and appropriateness of the research design and procedure (30%)

3. The appropriateness of the budget and strength of the budget justification (25%)

4. The researcher's prior publication and external funding record, and the current research proposal's potential for external funding (15%)

In addition, the proposal adds a new evaluation process by which the School/College Research Committees will be allotted one vote to supplement the initial RPAB Committee evaluation. According to the weighted criteria, the School or College Research Committee will supplement the RPAB Committee's 5 votes in the first round of the selection process.

S. William Whitson stated that the FURs need to have more monetary support as the University embraces the Teacher/Scholar model in order to become a premier metropolitan university. He also suggested that SIUE needs a policy to encourage faculty to obtain research funding. When Nancy Lutz suggested making the argument that obtaining internal funding is directly related to obtaining external funding, David Duvernell asked what percentage of FURs and SRFs lead to external funding. Christa Johnson will follow up on this question. In discussion of the criteria for "potential for external funding," Duvernell stated that part of writing a strong proposal is to address how the internal funding would generate publication or preliminary data. The applicants are responsible for presenting themselves as externally fundable. Mike Crider pointed out that the Excellence in Undergraduate Education fund is large, and that a comparison might be helpful in generating more funding for the internal competitions.

S. William Whitson made a motion to accept the guidelines as amended to include the new evaluation criteria and process listed above; Anne Perry seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Nancy Lutz asked that the ERP consider having the SRF review process run parallel to the FUR review process. The ERP committee decided to meet in May or June to continue discussion on bringing the Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) guidelines into alignment with the revised Funded University Research (FUR) guidelines.

IV. Research and Projects Advisory Board (RPAB) Nominations

The RPAB makes recommendations to the Graduate Dean regarding the Funded University Research (FUR) awards and the Research Grants for Graduate Students (RGGS). For the RPAB, The Graduate Council needs to elect two At-large members. Since the College of Arts and Sciences and the Schools of Business and Pharmacy are already represented next academic year, nominees should be from the Schools of Education, Engineering, Dental Medicine, and Nursing. The ballots were reviewed without comment.

V. Research and Development (R & D) Committee Nominations

The R&D Committee makes recommendations to the Graduate Dean regarding the Summer Research Fellowship awards and the Paul Simon Outstanding Scholar Award, the Hoppe Research Professor Award and the Lindsay Research Professor Award. For the R&D Committee, the Graduate Council needs to elect one member each from the Schools of Business, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing. Pharmacy is not currently represented.

ERP Committee members were asked to solicit additional nominations for both committees prior to this meeting. The ballots were reviewed without comment.

VI. Old Business

There was no old business.

VII. New Business

There was no new business.

VIII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen L. Hansen
Associate Provost for Research and
Dean, Graduate School

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