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2013 SIUE Day – List of Funds

List of Funds pdf

Unit Name Account # Account Name
Athletics 3042 Cougar Athletics Excellence Fund
Athletics 4086 Simmons Baseball Complex Development Fund
Athletics 4327 Indoor Fieldhouse Development
Athletics 4061 Cougar Baseball Development Fund
Athletics 4062 Cougar Men’s Basketball Development Fund
Athletics 4059 Cougar Men’s Cross Country & Track Development Fund
Athletics 4139 Cougar Men’s Golf Development Fund
Athletics 4057 Cougar Men’s Soccer Development Fund
Athletics 4052 Cougar Men’s Tennis Development Fund
Athletics 4073 Cougar Wrestling Development Fund
Athletics 4328 Soccer/Track Stadium Development
Athletics 4329 Softball Complex Development
Athletics 4053 Cougar Spirit Squad Development Fund
Athletics 4077 Cougar Volleyball Development Fund
Athletics 4068 Cougar Women’s Basketball Development Fund
Athletics 4075 Cougar Women’s Cross Country and Track Development Fund
Athletics 4058 Cougar Women’s Golf Development Fund
Athletics 4056 Cougar Women’s Soccer Development Fund
Athletics 4054 Cougar Women’s Softball Development Fund
Athletics 4051 Cougar Women’s Tennis Development Fund
Business 3001 School of Business Development Fund
Business 3002 Accounting Development Fund
Business 8152 Alumni 2.0 Award Endowment
Business 7253 Paul J. Baeske Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship
Business 3011 Beta Gamma Sigma Development Fund
Business 8398 Patrick E. Calvin Scholarship Endowment in Computer Mgmt. & Info Sys.
Business 4143 Collegiate Entrepreneurs Development
Business 3010 Computer Management and Information Systems Development Fund
Business 3059 Diversity Research & Development
Business 3007 Economics & Finance Development Fund
Business 3027 Entrepreneurship Education Fund
Business 7176 James C. Fowler Scholarship in Business
Business 3032 International Trade Center Development Fund
Business 3050 International Travel Development Fund
Business 3014 Management and Marketing Department Development Fund
Business 3020 MBA Development Fund
Business 7182 Dr. Richard T. Nyerges Memorial Scholarship
Business 8015 Robert R. Phillips Study Abroad Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Business 8237 Abraham E. Rutman Forum Fund
Business 3026 Small Business Dev. Ctr. Develop. Fund
Business 8133 Mary R. Sumner Information Systems Scholarship
Business 7174 Dr. Charles Alvin Wentz Jr. MBA Scholarship
CAS 4040 Arts & Issues Development Fund
CAS 3901 College of Arts & Sciences Development Fund
CAS 8305 College of Arts & Sciences Endowment
CAS 7202 College of Arts & Sciences General Scholarship
CAS 4168 College of Arts & Sciences Piano Development Fund
CAS 3903 College of Arts and Sciences Special Projects Development Fund
CAS 3902 William and Margaret Going College of Arts and Sciences Program Fund
CAS - Departments    
CAS 3805 Anthropology Department Development Fund
CAS 4050 Art & Design Development Fund
CAS 3710 Biology Development Fund
CAS 3720 Chemistry Department Development Fund
CAS 3520 English Language/Literature Development Fund
CAS 3523 Foreign Lang. & Lit. Development Fund
CAS 3815 Geography Development Fund
CAS 3830 History Department Development Fund
CAS 3440 Mass Communications Development Fund
CAS 3760 Mathematics/Statistics Development Fund
CAS 4030 Music Resources Development Fund
CAS 3525 Philosophy Development Fund
CAS 3780 Physics Department Development Fund
CAS 3802 Political Science Development Fund
CAS 3803 Public Administration Development Fund
CAS 3828 Social Work Development Fund
CAS 3825 Sociology & Criminal Justice Development Fund
CAS 3402 Speech Communication Development Fund
CAS 4055 Theater and Dance Development Fund
CAS - Programs    
CAS 3904 Black Studies Development Fund
CAS 4324 College of Arts & Sciences Technology Development
CAS 4019 Environmental Studies Program
CAS 3039 Ideal Environment for Teaching Science Development Fund
CAS 4331 Mass Communications Lab Development
CAS 4323 Science Building Equipment
CAS 4017 University Museums Development Fund
CAS 4321 Visiting Artists/Professors Development
CAS 4235 Women’s Studies Program Development Fund
CAS - Lectureship/Exhibitions    
CAS 3320 Black Theatre Workshop Development Fund
CAS 3526 English Language and Literature Association (ELLA) Development fund
CAS 8230 Fritz Marti Lectures  - Philosophy Dept.
CAS 3522 Papers on Language & Literature Development Fund
CAS 4033 William J. Probst Lectures Fund - Chemistry Dept.
CAS 4118 R.J. Hagist Lecture Fund - Biological Studies Dept.
CAS 4163 Sculpture on Campus Development Fund
CAS 4155 Summer ShowBiz Development Fund
CAS 3524 River Bluff Review Development Fund
CAS - Friends Groups    
CAS 3403 Friends of Art Fund
CAS 4037 Friends of Music Development Fund
CAS 4022 Friends Of Theater & Dance
CAS other specific scholarship,
award, or program
(For account numbers contact 5049)
CAS - Additional Funds    
CAS 3405 Art Therapy Program Development Fund
CAS 3785 Automated Observatory Roboscope Project Development Fund
CAS 4126 Bands Development Fund
CAS 4013 Ceramics Development Program
CAS 3728 Chemistry Graduate Program Enhancement Development Fund
CAS 3784 China International Study Development Fund
CAS 4127 Concert Chorale Development Fund
CAS 3821 Criminal Justice Program Development Fund
CAS 3831 Croatian Heritage Project
CAS 4162 Department of Art and Design Exhibition Support Development Fund
CAS 2313 Dremuk-Watts Fellowship in Geography Award
CAS 7187 Excellence in History Education Award
CAS 8137 Gordon D. Bush Political Science Scholarship Endowment
CAS 3712 Green Roof Project Development Fund
CAS 3920 Greenhouse Development Fund
CAS 4113 J. Cingolani & R. Swaine Social Work Development Fund
CAS 3417 Jazz Activities Development Fund
CAS 3460 Journalism Development Fund
CAS 8147 Kurt W Engbretson Music Education Endowment
CAS 4018 Louis Sullivan Restoration Development Fund
CAS 2051 Marti and Bob Fowler Theater Education Award
CAS 4105 May Department Stores Music Touring Fund
CAS 4007 Museum Acquisition Fund
CAS 4031 Opera Players Development Fund
CAS 4129 Orchestra Development Fund
CAS 4350 P. Narayana & Vijaya Swamy Undergrad. Research/Teaching Assist. Fund Physics
CAS 4125 Sigma Xi Club Development Fund
CAS 3820 Sociology Program Development Fund
CAS 4140 String Faculty Development Fund
CAS 4149 Suzuki Program Development Fund
CAS 4002 The Museum Society Development Fund
CAS 8117 The Sou’wester Development Fund
CAS 4010 University Museum Facility Development Fund
CAS 4120 William C. Shaw Astronomy Observation Development Fund
CAS 3482 Wind, Brass and Percussion Development Fund
East St. Louis Center    
East St. Louis Center 4080 East St. Louis Center Program Development Fund
East St. Louis Center 3115 E. St. Louis Dental Clinic Development Fund
East St. Louis Center 4159 Graebe East St. Louis STEM Lab Development
East St. Louis Center 3791 SIUE Head Start Program Development Fund
Education 3201 School of Education Development Fund
Education 7156 School of Education General Scholarship Fund
Education 3205 School of Education Dean’s Educator Preparation Recruitment Fund
Education 4322 Attention and Behavior Clinic Development
Education 3225 Curriculum & Instruction Development Fund
Education 7168 Dremuk-Watts Fellowship in Special Education Award
Education 3036 East St. Louis Charter High School Development Fund
Education 3043 Educational Leadership Development Fund
Education 8348 Robert O. Engbretson Psychology Development Fund
Education 7164 Geriatric Psychology and the Psychology of Aging Award
Education 3220 Instructional Technology Development Fund
Education 3210 Kinesiology & Health Education Development Fund
Education 8103 Dr. O. Eugene Maag Speech Pathology Endowed
Education 3270 Psi Chi Development Fund
Education 3265 Psychology Department Development Fund
Education 3215 Reading Center Development Fund
Education 3275 Special Education Development Fund
Education 3472 Speech Pathology & Audiology Development Fund
Education 4313 Weight Management Clinic Development
Engineering 3301 School of Engineering Development Fund
Engineering 3319 American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter Development Fund
Engineering 3303 Civil Engineering Development Fund
Engineering 3730 Computer Science Development Fund
Engineering 3309 Construction Alumni Development Fund
Engineering 4014 Construction Program Development Fund
Engineering 3306 E.R.T.C. Development Fund
Engineering 3305 Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Development Fund
Engineering 4156 Engineers Without Borders - SIUE Chapter Development
Engineering 3317 Formula SAE Car Development Fund
Engineering 7177 James C. Fowler Scholarship in Engineering
Engineering 3307 Industrial Engineering Development Fund
Engineering 3308 Mechanical Engineering Program Development Fund
Engineering 3327 Mini Baja Vehicle SAE Development Fund
Engineering 4094 Minority Engineering Program Development Fund
Engineering 3325 National Society of Black Engineers Development Fund
Engineering 7172 Partnership with Industry for Engineering Co-op Experiences & Scholarships
Engineering 4148 PIECES Development
Engineering 3302 Robotics Program Fund
Engineering 4123 Shell Assists Development Fund
Engineering 3316 Solar Car Program Development Fund
Engineering 3360 Southwest Illinois Advanced Manufacturing Center Development Fund
Engineering 8047 Dr. Charles Alvin Wentz Jr. Engineering Scholarship
Foundation 3038 eFund
Foundation 4311 SIUE Community Compassion Fund
Foundation 4300 The SIUE Meridian Society Impact Fund
Gardens 3716 The Friends of the Gardens at SIUE Development Fund
Gardens 3715 The Gardens at SIUE Development Fund
Gardens 3718 The Gardens at SIUE Visitor’s Center Fund
Gardens 4326 Prairie House Development
Graduate School    
Graduate School 4048 Graduate Studies & Research Development Fund
Graduate School 8404 Baich Endowment Fund
Graduate School 8310 Hoppe Faculty Research Endowment
Graduate School 3230 Illinois Education Research Council Development Fund
Graduate School 3053 Institute for Urban Research Development
Graduate School 3056 Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Center Development
Graduate School 8401 Vaughnie J. Lindsay Reserch Endowment
Lovejoy Library    
Lovejoy Library 4026 Lovejoy Library Development Fund
Lovejoy Library 4320 Digitization of Library Collections Development
Lovejoy Library 8017 Friends of Lovejoy Library High School Writers Contest Development Fund
Lovejoy Library 4314 Library Collections Expansion/Preservation Development
Lovejoy Library 4318 Library Enhancement Development
Lovejoy Library 8386 Lovejoy Library Endowment
Lovejoy Library 3062 Dr. Eugene B Redmond Learning Center Development
Nursing 3601 School of Nursing Development Fund
Nursing 7180 School of Nursing General Scholarship
Nursing 2625 Betty AuBuchon Teaching Award
Nursing 8139 Dr. Jacquelyn M. Clement Scholarship in Nursing 
Nursing 7173 Chancellor Sam Goldman Schol. for Nursing Excellence
Nursing 8233 Cecil Howard Griffin & Florence Bowmaster Griffin Scholarship
Nursing 7189 Nighingale Nursing Scholarship
Nursing 8408 Nursing Alumni Heritage Fund
Nursing 8676 Pre-Clinical Nursing Fund
Nursing 8148 Scholarship for Excellence Endowment
Nursing 3603 Student Nurse Achievement Program (SNAP) Development Fund
Nursing 3605 Martha J. Welch Memorial Lectureship Development Fund
Other 4000 Academic Programs Development Fund
Other 4170 Career Development Center Development Fund
Other 3058 Faculty Research and Program Development
Other 4006 Instructional Services Development Fund
Other 3024 Interdisciplinary Student Service Learning Course Development Fund
Other 3790 Lifelong Learning Development Fund
Other 4203 National Corn to Ethanol Research Center Development Fund
Other 4164 SIUE Nature Preserve Development
Other 8715 Staff Senate Scholarship 
Other 4157 Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Program
Other 4042 University Park Development Fund
Pharmacy 3950 School of Pharmacy Development Fund
Pharmacy 3952 School of Pharmacy Dean’s Leadership Society
Pharmacy 7204 School of Pharmacy General Scholarship
Pharmacy 4158 School of Pharmacy Research Development
Pharmacy 4330 School of Pharmacy Student Affairs Development
Pharmacy 7190 Dr. R. Worthington Award of Excellence
Pharmacy 4325 Drug Design & Discovery Development
Pharmacy 8388 Philip J. Medon Endowed Lectureship
Pharmacy 7181 Philip J. Medon Pharmacy Educator Award
SIU School of Dental Medicine    
SDM 3101 SDM Medicine Development Fund
SDM 3111 SDM Medicine Faculty Development Fund
SDM 4161 School of Dental Medicine Preclinical Labortory Development
SDM 8146 School of Dental Medicine Student Scholarship Endowment
SDM 3113 SDM Student Health Emergency Development Fund
SDM 3115 E. St. Louis Dental Clinic Development Fund
SDM 3125 SDM Oral Health is Better Health Campaign Development Fund
SDM 4180 Veterans Dental Development
Student Affairs    
Student Affairs 4153 Student Success Center Development Fund
Student Affairs 8652 Bradley Miller Spring Break Trip Development Fund
Student Affairs 4079 Campus Recreation Development Fund
Student Affairs 4095 Counseling Services Development Fund
Student Affairs 4087 Disability Support Services Development Fund
Student Affairs 8689 Dr. M. L. King, Jr. Scholarship
Student Affairs 4070 Early Childhood Center Development Fund
Student Affairs 8280 International Student Leadership Development Fund
Student Affairs 8311 Jim Anderson Scholarship
Student Affairs 8391 Kimmel Leadership & Service Programs Development Fund
Student Affairs 3048 MUC Development Fund
Student Affairs 4124 Outdoor Recreational Sports Complex Development Fund
Student Affairs 4204 Parents Association Development
Student Affairs 8113 S. LaVernn Wilson Scholarship (Childcare)
Student Affairs 4134 SIUE Club Sports Development Fund
Student Affairs 4081 Student Affairs Development Fund
Student Affairs 4245 Student Fitness Center Dev. Fund
Student Affairs 4316 Student Leadership Development
Student Affairs 4109 Study Abroad Development Fund
Student Affairs 4021 University Health Services Development Fund
Student Affairs 4154 University Housing
Student Affairs 4215 Vadalabene Center Development
WSIE 4250 Friends of WSIE-FM Dev. Fund
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