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SIUE School of Nursing - High Impact II Campaign

Contributions to the High Impact II Campaign support the continued growth, success and impact of the SIUE School of Nursing.   In these challenging economic times gifts from alumni, clinical partners, faculty and friends make an important and meaningful difference in the advancement of our school, academic programs, and ultimately on the quality of nursing care provided in our region, nation and world.

Campaign Goal and Funding Priorities
The School seeks to raise a total of $100,000 over eighteen months, ending on June 30, 2017, to support the following fundraising priorities. 


Contributions to the Dean’s Leadership Society provide seed funding for key strategic initiatives that position the SIUE School of Nursing and our graduates at the forefront of nursing excellence in the highly complex and evolving health care environment of the future.     

A. Global Education and Service Learning Experiences      
Gifts support the cost of travel for nursing students to participate in international university exchange programs, and on medical mission trips to developing and impoverished communities around the globe.  These global nursing education and service learning opportunities provide unique and transformative experiences that significantly increase a nursing student’s self-awareness, understanding of diverse populations, and ability to provide culturally competent patient-care.    

B. Simulated Learning Center for Health Sciences (SLCHS)  
Gifts support SLCHS computer, equipment and technology enhancements that deliver state-of-the-art simulated patient care experiences for students of nursing.  In the SLCHS students have the opportunity to work with computerized patients that display physiological changes which simulate human patient response to a variety of nursing interventions.  Students learn and practice nursing in a safe, interactive and realistic setting, with the benefit of ongoing faculty assessment and mentoring, and have the opportunity to build the clinical knowledge, skills and confidence they need to contribute to and succeed in the nursing workforce of today and tomorrow.       

C. SIUE WE CARE Clinic                       
Gifts support the success and impact of the SIUE WE CARE Clinic.  This innovative nurse-managed clinic delivers comprehensive patient-centered care to diverse residents living in medically and economically underserved communities in the Metro-east area.   The clinic offers n comprehensive array of primary nursing, dental health, pharmacy consultation and social work services to patients, all under one roof and often in one visit.  Students working in the clinic receive practice-based training in an immersive, inter-professional healthcare delivery environment that prepares them to succeed in the diverse, complex and evolving healthcare environment of the future.    

D. Student Nurses Association (SNA)                         
Gifts support the activities of the Student Nurses Association (SNA) which is the pre-professional organization of the American Nurses Association.  With over 500 members, SNA represents the largest and one of the most successful student organizations at SIUE.  SNA members enjoy working together on professional development, community service and leadership projects that make a difference in the community, and support student success in their education, lives and careers.     


In these challenging economic times, scholarships help attract and retain the region’s most talented, diverse and deserving students for the SIUE School of Nursing.

Annual Scholarships newly established annual support of cost of tuition and fees for students. 

  • Undergraduate Students – enrolled on the Edwardsville and Carbondale Campuses
  • Graduate Students – enrolled in the Nurse Anesthesia or Family Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing

Endowed Scholarships gifts for the following newly established or to build-up existing endowed scholarship funds for future students play a very important role in securing the future of nursing at the SIUE School of Nursing.     

  • SIUE School of Nursing Legacy Scholarship – a pooled fund that is sponsored by the Alumni Advisory Board for the benefit of a traditional BSN student who is a relative of a School of Nursing alumni.
  • Heritage Scholarship – a pooled fund established in honor of SON Class of 1966 for the benefit of traditional BSN Student and Illinois resident, who is a family member of an SON alumni.
  • Clement Scholarship in Nursing – a pooled fund established by Dr. Jackie Clement and her husband Steve to build support for students enrolled in doctoral degree programs that are offered for post-masters advanced practice nurses, as well as for students enrolled in post baccalaureate to DNP programs in nurse anesthesia or family nurse practitioner.
  • Student Nurse Achievement Program Scholarship – a pooled fund established to provide scholarships for minority students from disadvantaged communities who are enrolled in the Student Nurse Achievement Program (S.N.A.P).
  • Individually Named Endowed Scholarships – a separate fund that is established by individuals to provide scholarships for students who meet donor specified selection criteria.   A gift commitment of $25,000 or pledge of $5,000 per year for five years is required to establish a named scholarship.


Gifts at all levels support the important, on-going and emerging needs of the school, including student and faculty development opportunities, and alumni relations programs and events. 

For more information:
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