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Financial Aid
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Do I have an award

Have I been offered any financial aid? What do I have to do to get the money in my Bursar account? 

It is easy; just go to CougarNet. 

  1. Log onto CougarNet at here;
  2. Click on “Enter CougarNet Secure Area;”
  3. Log in using your university ID number (it begins with 8) and your CougarNet PIN;
  4. Click on “Financial Aid” (3rd option);
  5. Click on “Award” (3rd option);
  6. Click on “Award for Aid Year” (1st option);
  7. In the drop-down box, Select Aid Year, highlight the correct aid year and click “Submit;”
  8. Click on “Accept award Offer” (5th gray tab across top);
  9. You now can see your Award Letter;
  10. If you are being offered any grants, the name of the grant and the award amount will appear as already accepted; you do not have to manually accept grants.
  11. If you are being offered loans or federal work study, there will be a drop-down box alongside of each offer. The drop-down box will offer the options of “Decide Later”, “Accept,” or “Decline.”
  12. Select one option for each offer.
  13. If you wish to request a lesser amount than what is offered, write that dollar amount in the next box to the right, “Accept Partial Amount.”
  14. When you have finished with your selection, click on either “Accept Full Amount All Awards” or “Submit Decision.” If there is anything you are not accepting or you have made any changes to the offer, click “Submit Decision.”
  15. If you are accepting any loans, you must now complete a master promissory note. A hyperlink to this website is in #5 under “Options for Accept Award Offers include.”
  16. If you are borrowing a student loan for the very first time, remember you must also complete entrance loan counseling. A hyperlink to this website is in #5 under “Options for Accept Award Offers include.”
  17. Note that all the awards that appear on your award letter are for the academic year, fall and spring. You will see ½ of this amount applied to your bill for each semester.
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