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Nursing Anesthesia Alternative Loans:

SIUE has a list of commonly used lenders for you to consider. These lenders were chosen for their good service to our students and their great repayment benefits. We will, however, process any loan application from any lender the student chooses; students and parents are ALWAYS allowed to choose their lender.

  • Due to recent legislative changes, beginning Feb. 14th students applying for a private educational loan will be required to complete the Private Education Loan Applicant Self Certification Form, available through your lender or download the form here. This form must be completed and returned to your lender before any disbursements will be released on your loan. Information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found by logging onto cougar net. You will need this information to complete the form.

To apply with one of our commonly used lenders, please select ONE lender from the list below.
Remember: students and parents are always allowed to choose their own lender.

& Conditions


Wells Fargo Med cap Loan


Interest Rate

Variable: 3ML + 3.24% to 7.24%

Fixed: 5.99% to 9.99% APR

Variable: As low as 3.17% - 7.50%

Fixed: As low as 6.17% - 9..24% APR

Variable 2.25% APR to 7.27% APR

Fixed 5.74% APR to 8.56% APR

Annual Max:

Cost of education less aid

Cost of education less aid

Cost of education less aid

Aggregate Max:





Full time, half-time or less than half-time in the summer or last term of attendance.

Full-time, half-time, or less than half-time

Less than half-time 

Can also be used for qualified prior term balances at the school.

Origination Fee:


Repayment Begins:

9 months after graduation/separation

6 months after graduation / separation

6 months after graduation / separation or make payments while in school to save even more.

Fees at Repayment:




Repayment Period:

20 Years

15 years

5-15 years

Interest Capitalization:

At repayment

At repayment

At repayment

Co-signer Required:

Not required but may improve loan terms

Most students can qualify on his or her own without a cosigner.  However, a cosigner may potentially help you get a lower interest rate.
Not required however may improve the loan terms
Disclosure Statement:





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Apply OnlineMust be at an eligible 4-year college or university such as SIUe.
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