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The distinctive character of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is defined by the faculty's demonstrated capability to fulfill the values of the Teacher- Scholar Philosophy; a philosophy guided by a serious and continuing commitment to teaching, scholarship and service in the belief that scholarship complements and enriches excellence in teaching and service.

Adapted from the Teacher-Scholar Philosophy of SIUE, Teacher-Scholar Philosophy Working Group, 6/2/08

Dr. Kerry Slattery
Associate Professor, Construction

Research Focus:
Development and applications of solid models for constructed systems including finite element methods, building information models and 3D laser scanning

Recent Honors / Awards / Recognition:

School of Engineering Outstanding Teacher Award, 2007

School of Engineering nominee for SIUE Teaching Excellence Award, 2005

Primary Courses Taught:

Statics and Strength of Materials

Design, Analysis and Construction of Structural Systems

Building Information Modeling

Heavy/Civil Construction


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Mississippi

M.S., Engineering, University of Alabama Huntsville

B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

How does SIUE support your professional growth or activity as a Teacher-Scholar?
"SIUE provides me the flexibility to develop as a researcher on my terms.  I have always preferred to do much of the research myself and hire students or collaborate with colleagues only when necessary.  Since there is no graduate program in Construction, I don't have pressure to support graduate student research, but I can hire engineering graduate students when the need arises.  Faculty members in other disciplines are always available for consultation when my work crosses in to areas that are outside my current area of expertise.  Internal research funding opportunities also provide support and motivation to become immersed in my research during the summer."

"Since joining the Construction program I have looked for opportunities to develop applications for my research that are more closely related to construction.  Being able to develop and teach a course in Building Information Modeling and having the resources to procure a 3D Laser Scanner have enhanced my research and provided opportunities to share those experiences with students."

What is a unique aspect of your professional life that enhances your service to the academic or greater community?
"I had a wide variety of work experiences before I started teaching at SIUE.  I was an Army officer serving first as a platoon leader and executive officer in a combat engineer company and then as a project engineer in a Corps of Engineers Division office.  I spent three years performing research and development for a civilian company before returning to school for the Ph.D.  Since then I have worked as a consultant on several development projects and currently hold a patent from one of those.  These experiences involved integrating multiple disciplines which allows me to interact with and mentor students in many fields of engineering both from the technical side and from a management/leadership perspective."

How has one mentor or event shaped your career decision to become a university professor?
My graduate advisor, Dr. Robert M. Hackett, strongly encouraged me to become a university professor after completing the Ph.D."

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