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The distinctive character of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is defined by the faculty's demonstrated capability to fulfill the values of the Teacher-Scholar Philosophy; a philosophy guided by a serious and continuing commitment to teaching, scholarship and service in the belief that scholarship complements and enriches excellence in teaching and service.

Adapted from the Teacher Scholar Philosophy of SIUE, Teacher-Scholar Philosophy Working Group, 6/2/08

Dr. Anne Powell
Associate Professor
Computer Management and Information Systems

Research Focus:
"My research over the last seven years follows one of three themes. 

The majority of my research has focused on virtual teams.  The ability to form virtual teams to get work tasks done affects organizations, employees and customers.  My primary interest in virtual teams is how they affect team members and how the 'virtualness' of their work environment alters the workings of the team.

A secondary research stream has been System Developer issues. Systems development is the core of information technology in companies.  This research stream ties in with the courses I teach at SIUE.  I try to impress upon my students the issues that may impact developers when designing and developing a new information systems and I’m able to draw off my research.

A final research theme has been related to IT education.  This research stream is dedicated to studying issues that influence the teaching-learning activities in my courses."

Dr. Anne Powell

Recent Honors / Awards / Recognition:

CMIS Department Teaching Excellence Award

School of Business Teaching Excellence

Teaching Excellence Award nominee

Named one of 75 Key Players in the St. Louis IT sector by St. Louis Commerce Magazine, August 2006

Primary Courses:

CMIS270: Structured Systems Analysis and Design

CMIS470: Advanced Systems Analysis and Design

CMIS570: Software Systems Design


BS in Business: University of Evansville, Evansville, IN, Major: Marketing

MBA: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Concentrations: MIS and Finance

Ph.D.: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

How does SIUE support your professional growth or activity as a Teacher-Scholar?
"SIUE has been a wonderful fit for me as a university professor.  I have been supported every year at the institution.  In my early years, my colleagues made sure my teaching load and service loads were kept reasonable so I could devote time to my research.  Senior colleagues always volunteered to take overload classes so that junior faculty could be protected, enabling them to concentrate on their scholarship.

More recently, I have been able to take a development leave to enhance my technical skills.  Teaching in the information technology (IT) field is a great challenge because of the constant changes to technology.  The university has given me a semester off to upgrade my skills which will, in turn, enable me to be able to take over many more classes, as well as take on overloads to protect our new junior faculty.  During my faculty development semester off, I have been able to take classes on Web Development (including HTML, Flash, CSS, and XML) as well as classes in Java Development (including Java, Javascripts, Java Server pages, and AJAX)."

What is a unique aspect of your professional life that enhances your service to the academic or greater community?
"With 10 years of experience in the field as a systems analyst, I have been able to draw on a wealth of experience as I teach my classes.  It also gives me a point of reference when I am speaking with employers of our graduates."

Please share how one mentor or event shaped your career decision to become a university professor. 
In one of my MBA classes, we were to do a research report on any topic of our choice.  I chose to extend an existing study on end-user computing, surveying numerous businesses in the Indianapolis area.  My final paper received an ‘A+’, and a note from the professor to come see her to discuss getting a Ph.D.  Later, that professor, Dr. Carol Brown, submitted my class paper to a conference where it was accepted.  I decided then I was cut out for the career of university professor, and I have never regretted that decision."

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