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The distinctive character of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is defined by the faculty's demonstrated capability to fulfill the values of the Teacher Scholar Philosophy; a philosophy guided by a serious and continuing commitment to teaching, scholarship and service in the belief that scholarship complements and enriches excellence in teaching and service.

Adapted from the Teacher Scholar Philosophy of SIUE, Teacher Scholar Philosophy Working Group, 6/2/08

Dr. Jo Ellen Moore

Professor, Department of Computer Management & Information Systems (CMIS)

Research Focus:
The management of technology professionals.

Jo Ellen Moore

Recent Honors / Awards / Recognition:

As a member of the editorial board at MIS Quarterly (consistently rated #1 or #2 in MIS academic journal rankings), Dr. Moore received the “Most Developmental Associate Editor” award for 2007.  This award is given to Associate Editors who have been nominated by authors of papers submitted to the journal, for exceptionally constructive feedback and guidance on papers they submitted.  Dr. Moore has been an Associate Editor for MIS Quarterly since 2004.

Dr. Moore has been Invited to join the editorial board at MIS Quarterly Executive starting in 2008.  This is a top practitioner-oriented journal in MIS.

Primary Courses Taught:

Project Management Fundamentals and Best Practices (CMIS 540)

Structured Systems Design (CMIS 470)

SAP ABAP Programming (CMIS 495/588)


Indiana University, Ph.D. Organizational Behavior and HR Management

Illinois State University, M.S. Psychology

Millikin University, B.A. Mathematics

How does SIUE support your professional growth or activity as a Teacher-Scholar?
SIUE has supported, and continues to support, my professional growth and activity in many ways.  In my early years at SIUE, I obtained summer research funding that allowed me to focus on getting my research out the door my first summer here.  This gave my research agenda an early surge, which is a great way to start down the tenure track!

The School of Business and CMIS Department have always come through with funding when I’ve had papers accepted at conferences, and when I have taken on conference administration roles such as Program Co-Chair for the 2005 ACM SIGMIS Computer Personnel Research Conference and Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair for the upcoming 2008 ACM SIGMIS Computer Personnel Research Conference.  And they have funded my travel to ICIS (International Conference on Information Systems) since 2004, to support my participation in the MIS Quarterly editorial board meetings held annually at ICIS.  The School and Department came through with funding when I was asked to serve as one of eight faculty mentors at the AMCIS (America’s Conference on Information Systems) Doctoral Consortium in 2006.  All of these experiences further my work and my network in the MIS academic community.  The support I receive from SIUE is noticed by my colleagues at other universities.  They see that SIUE values research and professional service, and that it is a good place to be.

SIUE provides an excellent environment for my growth in teaching, as well.  When I joined SIUE, my technical knowledge was a bit out-dated (this happens when you spend too much time in management J).  The School and Department provided funds for training in the SAP ABAP programming language so that I could develop a course that local industry had been asking for (CMIS 495/588).  And more recently, the School supported my effort to obtain certification in project management (the PMP credential).  The learning associated with PMP certification directly enhanced my teaching of project management in our graduate programs (CMIS 540), in our undergraduate capstone course (CMIS 470), and in executive education workshops on project management (for information on these, see http://www.siue.edu/BUSINESS/projectmanagement)."

What is a unique aspect of your professional life that enhances your service to the academic or greater community?
"Over the years, I have crystallized several valuable principles for working effectively with others.  These learning points have materialized from my academic studies in human behavior, years of experience in industry, and discussion with students in my classes.  I have come to view these learning points as “clues” to managing projects.  And so…

I am working on a book for the general market (a “pop business” book) that provides practical, valuable advice for managing projects. The book plays off the character of Nancy Drew, legendary girl detective.  Through a workplace mystery storyline, 10 clues to managing projects are revealed."

How has one mentor or event shaped your career decision to become a university professor?
"Larry Eggan was Chair of the Applied Computer Science (ACS) Department at Illinois State University in the late 1980s.  When I finished the coursework for my M.S. in psychology at ISU, I started looking for gainful employment again.  There was a job opening in the ACS Department for someone to serve as advisor to their majors and to teach one class a semester.  Dr. Eggan hired me.  I found I loved to teach, and that I loved to teach information systems and technology in particular.  I eventually moved into a full-time instructor position.

Larry Eggan is the one who urged me to stop and get a Ph.D. and go tenure track.  He believed in my teaching ability and in my potential to conduct meaningful research.  Larry Eggan believed I could be a Teacher-Scholar."
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