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Guidelines for Becoming a Consultant

  • All faculty consultants must be trained before starting to consult.
  • The training of new members will be done in the first month of the fall semester of each calendar year.

  • Other members will do a refresher training once every two years.

  • It is strongly suggested that new members should at least one time co-consult with experienced consultants before taking their first consulting assignment.


  • Membership in the peer consulting group shall be extended to all SIUE faculty.

  • The said faculty either be tenured or on tenure track.

  • Limitation Clause: While technically all members of the SIUE tenure/tenure track academic community members are welcome, it is strongly advised that those who are first year and/or have not had previous experience in this level of consulting should rethink joining membership.

  • Membership must be voluntary.

  • Potential members may be asked to indicate their areas of expertise - whether in teaching, scholarship, or service.

  • Potential members should have a supporting letter from the Dean of their school.

Membership Recruitment

Those recognized for outstanding teaching, scholarship and/or service may be contacted and elicited for membership of the Peer Consulting Program.

Consultants may suggest potential candidates that may be considered for invitation to the membership.


At the end of the academic year, there shall be a luncheon/dinner where all consultants will be debriefed.

At the end of each academic year, all consultants shall receive a letter of commendation in recognition of their service to the university.

Number of Consultants

Number of Consultants shall not be limited to a given number except when the number of participants is deemed by the appropriate office to be more than needed.


The composition of membership shall reflect the university character. This should not be misconstrued as the legally mandated institutional compliance, but in this case, in order for us to be able to address the needs of professional and cultural interest groups, members of such groups should be represented. Thus, close attention will be paid to ensure that various disciplines, schools/colleges, ethnicities, race, gender, etc. are duly represented. This is because we believe that the presence of an individual or individuals from every community within the university is pertinent to the success of the consulting initiative.

Length of Service

Due to the significance of experience, no time restriction is placed on the length of service as a Consultant. However, all members are expected to be active. Inactive members should in good conscience find an alternative avenue for university service so as to give room for more active members of the university community to serve as Consultants.

Disclaimer Notice

It is important for the faculty and anyone in need of consulting service to know that information or services obtained through this consulting is provided by members of the university community who are volunteers, and are non-professional counselors. Be it known, therefore, that no statement made, opinions expressed, actions taken, advice given, support provided - whether written or verbal, expressed, unexpressed, or transmitted in any form - electronic, or otherwise, shall be taken as necessarily representing the views, opinions, or policy of the university. Thus, the university, its affiliates, personnel as well as members of this consulting group are not liable for any errors stemming from services provided.

Application Process

To apply to serve as a Peer Consultant, please fill out the Application to Serve as Consultant.

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