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(General Improvements Request/ Modification Order)

The GIR/MOD form is necessary when:

A) Any estimate is required; the GIR/MOD is the only form used to estimate a project, no matter what size, or;

B) The project would result in a significant change to the physical facilities, typically removal of a wall or door, or;

C) The project would result in a change in the function of the space.

Instructions for completing the GIR/MOD form:

1. The requesting office completes the form through "Detailed Description of Improvements" and routes for the indicated signatures.

2. The "Detailed Description of Improvements" should be as detailed as possible. Sketches or attached sheets may be used. A detailed description expedites the process.

The Process

The General Improvements Request (GIR) is a request for estimate, no more, no less. Note there is NO account number/source of funding requested on a GIR. When a GIR is received at Facilities Management, a number and a coordinator are assigned to it; both the number and the coordinator will be assigned to the project to completion. After the coordinator formulates and returns the estimate to the department, if the department wishes to proceed with the work and contacts the coordinator, an additional form, the Modification Order (MOD) is forwarded to them with the coordinator's signature, date, GIR/MOD number and the amount of the estimate. NO WORK CAN PROCEED WITHOUT THE RETURN OF THE MODIFICATION ORDER. The Modification Order is evidence of the department's decision to proceed, and must be returned with the source of funding account number and the signatures of the account's fiscal officer, Area Vice Chancellor, and the Vice Chancellor for Administration. Once the MOD is returned to Facilities Management, scheduling of the project will proceed.

- GIR/MOD Form

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Last Update: 31 December, 2011
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