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Facilities Management
Facilities Management
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State Supported Service Guide

Building maintenance is provided for all state-supported buildings and the grounds of the following campus locations: Edwardsville, East St. Louis, Alton, and Springfield School of Nursing. Maintenance is scheduled according to the following priorities:

Maintenance Service Index:

Building Maintenance
Custodial Service
Customer Service
Design & Engineering
Heating & Cooling
Key Control
  • Priority 1: Emergent need involving systems failure or the health, welfare, and safety of the campus community.
  • Priority 2: Urgent maintenance that does not impede safety, but results in impaired operation of classes or other campus operations.
  • Priority 3: Routine building maintenance or departmentally-funded work.

Maintenance of interior and exterior facilities is centrally funded and services are provided by Facilities Management staff at each campus location.

SIUe staff is encouraged to contact Facilities Management via the phone numbers listed below to alert FM to any building or campus maintenance problems

  • e Service Desk SIUE staff may electronically submit a maintenance request through FM work order and receive updates through completion.
  • Main Service Contact Numbers:

SIUE staff may call the following numbers for prompt attention to a building issue or emergency.

During Normal Business Hours:

Edwardsville Maintenance: (618) 650-3711
Edwardsville Custodial: (618) 650-2067
Alton Maintenance: (618) 650- 3711
Alton Custodial: (618) 650-7256
East St. Louis(ESLHEC) Maintenance: (618) 874-8716
ESLHEC Custodial: (618) 874-8716
Springfield Nursing Maintenance: (618)650-3711
Springfield Nursing Custodial: (618)650-3711

Outside normal business hours:

  • Edwardsville and Alton - contact University Police at (618)650-3324
  • East St Louis - contact University Police at (618)482-8373


Billing Management Contact:

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Building Management is charged with maintaining and repairing campus building structures, equipment, interior/ exterior lighting and signs, and interior/ exterior painting of same. Building heating and air conditioning is discussed separately below under "Heating and Cooling".

Carpentry Services:

  • Maintain interior public spaces including: stairs, doors, walls and baseboards, ceiling tiles, bathroom furnishings, classroom chalkboards, flooring, and general structure.
  • Maintain exterior building structure and systems including: cement pads, roof repair, and gutter repair.

Electrical Services:

  • Maintain building electrical systems, elevators, lighting fixtures, switches, and outlets. Revamp all public and office spaces and troubleshoot electrical outages.
  • Maintain exterior lighting fixtures, including: building, walkway, and street lighting.

Plumbing Services:

  • Maintain and repair interior restroom fixtures and facilities, building circulating pumps and boiler systems, air conditioning drains and wall units, water softeners, and sprinkler fire suppression systems.

Painting Services:

  • Provide interior painting of public and office spaces per painting schedule; maintain and repair glass windows and panes.
  • Provide exterior painting services to buildings, walkways, and road crosswalks.

Building Maintenance Points of Contact:

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Custodial Maintenance Service:

Provide routine custodial services including:

  • Cleaning of offices, classrooms, and building interiors
  • Collection and disposal of trash and recyclable waste items*

*Note- Trash and recycling are picked up every other week on opposite weeks.

Cleaning Schedule available at:

Cleaning standards available at:

Custodial Points of Contact:

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  • Customer service provides a central liaison between the campus community and Facilities Management. Please contact Customer Service to report building issues, submit work orders for state funded maintenance and repairs, or to check the status of a previously submitted work order.

Customer Service Contact:


  • A Building Coordinator serves as a liaison between building occupants and Facilities Management to publicize programs and assist with building conditions.

To find a building coordinator click on:

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Design and Engineering is responsible for larger renovations and remodeling projects and works with the State Capital Development Board to oversee state-funded major construction contracts.

Design & Engineering Staff:

  • Act as consultants and/or coordinators for renovations, repairs, and capital projects.
  • Perform or participate in final inspections and acceptance of construction projects.
  • Maintain campus faculty record drawings, building floor plans and campus maps.
  • Develop architectural specifications, standards, and drawings for various campus projects.

To view these specifications and standards, click on:

Design & Engineering Point of Contact:

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Grounds Maintenance Services include:

-Turf maintenance -Litter and trash control

-Tree and shrubbery maintenance -Snow removal

-Campus landscaping -Minor road repairs

-Athletic field maintenance -Maintenance of indoor plants in public areas

-Pest control

Grounds Maintenance Points of Contact:

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  • All requests to modify room temperatures in state supported buildings at SIUe only, should be directed to Customer Service during normal business hours.

Heating & Cooling Services include:

  • Monitoring and operating building heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Assisting with renovations and new construction
  • Maintaining fire extinguishers, fire alarms and spinkler system.

Smell gas? Contact Facilities Management IMMEDIATELY (618) 650-3711; if no answer, contact University Police IMMEDIATELY (618) 650-3324

Heating & Cooling Points of Contact:

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Key Control Services:

  • Maintains/repairs locks, door-opening mechanisms, panic hardware and card readers*
  • Assists in extraction of broken keys from doors.

*Note: Lost keys pose a risk to campus personnel and property and must be reported IMMEDIATELY to University Police AND Key Control.

To view a Key Request and information on its completion, click here

Key Policies and Procedures available at:

Interior Lock-Out Policy available at:

The building exterior keyless access program is maintained by Key Control. Students and staff who need after-hours building access require approval from the appropriate administrative dean or director. Student access requires renewal each semester.

Keyless Access Approval Form is available at:

Key Control Points of Contact:

Key Control Service Line

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SIUe owns, operates and maintains the water storage and distribution wastewater, natural gas, and central chilled water systems on the Edwardsville campus. Ameren Illinois is responsible for the electrical distribution system on the Edwardsville campus. The utility systems at the East St. Louis and Alton campuses are the responsibility of the utility companies serving those cities.

  • Outages and water leaks: During normal working hours, contact Facilities Management Customer Service at (618)650-3711. IF no answer or outside normal working hours, contact the University Police at (618)650-3324.
  • Gas Leaks: If you smell gas, immediately contact Facilities Management Customer Service at (618)650-3711 or the University Police at (618)650-3324.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Current capacity is 1 million gallons per day and services entire Edwardsville Campus and University Park.

Utilities Point of Contact:

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Last Update: 22 May, 2012
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