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Facilities Management
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Lockout Procedures

SIUE Edwardsville & Alton Campus:

When SIUE staff are locked out of their offices after hours, SIUE University Police should be contacted for assistance at 650- 3324. During regular business hours when FM Work Order Control is contacted at 650-3711, the following procedure applies if Facilities Management staff provides lock out access.

Access is given only to offices. No access is provided to storerooms, workrooms, labs, or special classrooms.

Identification demonstrating that the person is a faculty or staff member is required . This will be waived only in the case of a woman not carrying a purse who states the ID and keys are in her purse in the office.

Access will be given only if the Facilities Management employee is comfortable with the situation. If the situation does not seem right to the employee or the employee feels that they would be at risk, they may refuse to unlock the door. Their judgment will not be second-guessed.

Once these conditions are met, the FM employee may unlock the door and remain in the hallway. The faculty/staff member will be asked to enter the office and retrieve their key. The door will then be relocked and the faculty/staff member will enter using his or her own key. This is the practice being utilized by the University Police to ensure the person has authorized access to that office.

If, upon entering the office, the person is unable to produce a key to the office or refuses to exit the office and reenter as directed, the FM employee will immediately call Campus Police.

This procedure was established to address a campus need while maintaining security for property and staff. When possible, building occupants are to first contact their supervisor for access.

Note: On the East St. Louis campus it is the responsibility of the Office Manager, not the Building Mechanics, to provide access; Building Mechanics should only be called when an Office Manager cannot be reached.

Published by: Facilities Management
Last Update: 29 April, 2010
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