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Facilities Management
Facilities Management
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Information provided below details work funded by Facilities Management (FM) and work funded by the customer's department. Click on a link to be brought to that section of the page.


Building Services (Cleaning/Custodial)
Key Control
Grounds Services
Building Engineers/Utilities

Building Services (Cleaning/Custodial)

FM funds:

  • Routine custodial services to academic buildings

  • Collection and disposal of non-recyclable waste items

  • Cleaning of campus refuse sites, providing odor control when necessary

  • Collection and disposal of recyclable waste items

  • Providing containers for collection of recyclables

Department funds:

  • Cleaning services for special events

  • Window cleaning (when state monies are unavailable)

  • Set up/extra custodial help for special events

  • Special trash pickups on request

  • Providing dumpsters for construction projects and office moves

  • Special pick ups of recyclable material and confidential materials

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FM funds

Routine maintenance and repair of:

  • Stair treads or handrails

  • Sheetrock and drywalls

  • Baseboards, molding or carpet (tacking or gluing)

  • Missing or damaged ceiling tiles

  • Bathroom furnishings and ceramic tiles

  • Built-in chalkboards

  • Door frames or jammed doors (Key Control for locks)

  • Projection screen repairs

  • Broken or cracked cement

  • Gutters and air conditioning drain pans for all campus buildings

  • Air conditioning ducts and flashing for roofs

  • Exhaust fans on roofs and building slashing

  • Roofs and gutters on all academic buildings

Department funds:

  • Building or repairing of bookcases, bulletin boards, cabinets, counter tops and shelves (built-in or portable)

  • Repair of office furniture (chairs, desks, desk drawers)

  • Repair or replacement of blinds

  • Projection screen replacement or new installation

  • New construction, renovations, office furnishings or carpet

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FM funds:
Unscheduled/emergency repairs and regular scheduled preventive maintenance to all electrical systems and elevators.

Inspection and maintenance of:

  • Lamp (bulb) and ballast replacement in all academic buildings

  • Campus lighting

  • Campus high voltage system and main distribution systems, including underground network electrical loops, gas switches, transformer vaults, transformers and secondary electrical feeders, circuit breaker panels, electric motors and motor controllers

  • Electrical wiring

  • Receptacles, switches, exhaust hoods and conduit systems

  • Elevators

Department funds:
Renovation and new construction of the above systems

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FM funds:
Maintenance and repair on all campus buildings

Unscheduled/emergency repairs and regular preventive maintenance for:

  • Sinks, toilets, urinals

  • Sewer lines; water lines; vacuum and air lines; gas lines

  • Sump pumps, hot water circulating pumps

  • Water heaters, boilers

  • Air conditioning drains

  • Water softeners, water distillation equipment

  • Sprinkler systems

  • Dispensers of paper towels, toilet paper, and/or hand soap

Department funds:
Renovation or new construction of above systems

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FM funds:

  • Maintenance painting in academic areas as funds are available

  • Painting building exterior

  • Painting in academic areas on a most critical need basis

  • Repair of broken glass in windows or doors

  • Painting in office areas

Department funds:

  • Staining or refinishing of desktops; repairing broken desktop glass

  • Refinishing furniture

  • Painting, sanding, taping in new construction/renovations

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Key Control

FM funds:

  • Routine maintenance of locks, door-opening mechanisms, panic hardware and card readers.

  • Emergency call-outs for repair (NOT for lock-outs or rekeying)

Department funds:

  • Cutting of extra door keys

  • Desk or file cabinet keys or locks

  • Replacement of unbroken hardware with a different type of hardware

  • Emergency call-outs for lock-outs and rekeying

  • Recoring of offices, files, desks

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Grounds Shop

FM funds:

  • Normal grounds maintenance in academic areas

  • Moving of furniture and equipment

  • Pick up Surplus Property

Department funds:

  • Assistance with special events, such as graduation

  • Moves requested by department

  • New installations or renovations

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Building Engineers/Utilities

FM funds:
Maintenance and repair of mechanical systems in all campus buildings. Window units, refrigeration equipment, chilled water units and the central plant system serving academic buildings. Maintenance and repair of controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in all campus buildings.

Unscheduled/emergency repairs and regular preventive maintenance for:

  • Steam lines, steam traps, chilled water lines

  • Air handlers

  • Chilled water pumps, heating hot water pumps, outside sump pumps, fire pumps and condensate pumps.

  • Boilers

  • Chillers

  • Cooling towers

    Operates and maintains the central plant which generates chilled water for cooling of most campus buildings. Also respond to service calls
    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) operating costs for all academic buildings. Routine, preventive, and unscheduled/emergency maintenance of air conditioners in academic buildings
    Heating and cooling systems
    Thermostat calibration
    Air handler controls
    Pneumatic, electronic and digital controls
    Fire extinguishers and cabinets, hoses, and alarm system devices for academic buildings
    Installation, inspection and maintenance services for this equipment

Department funds:

  • Renovation or new construction of above systems

  • Fire extinguishers and cabinets, hoses and alarm system devices for non-academic buildings

  • Renovation or replacement of Life Safety systems

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Last Update:6 March, 2009
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