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Facilities Management
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Building Coordinator Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: October 27, 2011

Meeting Place: MUC University Club Room

Meeting Called to Order: 9:40AM

Meeting Adjourned: 11:10AM

FM Customer Service Rep Lynda Pavia welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Lynda explained that since furniture was being received in Peck Hall, and their conference room was not being scheduled, the meeting was being held in the MUC. Lynda announced that a Merit Award has been won from the Professional Grounds Management Society by the SIUe Grounds Department. Copies of the presentation were shared with the Coordinators.

Discussion followed regarding the installation of the new drinking fountains which allow for filling of water bottles. Bob shared the statistics of the decision to purchase them and everyone was in agreement they are a welcome addition, especially in the Vadalabene Center and Student Fitness Center.

The campus re-lamp project was also discussed; every four years FM replaces every fluorescent bulb on campus. Work takes place on the third shift to provide easy access and minimize disruption. The project is currently complete in Alumni Hall and electricians are working in Founders Hall. FM sends email notices to campus as the work is completed and to notify the University community where work begins next.

Shiwand Thomas from Art & Design was introduced as the newest Building Coordinator; she will work with Gene Schoeneweis. Discussion followed regarding the many retirements that may take place this year due to changes in the formula that determines benefits. Lynda asked that coordinators considering retirement let FM know and recommend someone to take their place. New coordinators will be needed in the new spaces being added to Art & Design, the Vadalabene Center and the Engineering Building as well; coordinators were asked that they recommend coordinators from the people moving into these new spaces if they knew them. Since the current coordinators do such a good job, FM would like to see that continue.

Facilities Management is facing quite a few staffing changes; Rick Klein and Mohammad Rouf are retiring in December; Bob will be leaving in the spring. The new director will be starting in December and training with Bob until the end of March. Also, Leasa Ferry who works in the office has accepted a new position on campus and will be sorely missed, as will all of them. FM wishes them the best.

Bob Washburn then shared the following:

  • When departments are filling out drivers' permits for employees, they are reminded to use the new "800" numbers and NOT social security numbers.
  • Though the new Science Building (to be called "Science Lab Building West") is scheduled to be complete in March, 2012, scheduling has been cancelled for fall classes since construction will not be complete. Bob shared the drawings of the new building which show a bridge from the old to the new on the first floor.
  • Art & Design West, as the addition is to be called, is on schedule to be complete in the fall of 2012. It has begun and will continue through the winter of 2012-13 and into the spring and summer breaks of 2013. Bob also shared exciting drawings of this addition.
  • The "Charles and Mary Lucas Annex" to the Vadalabene Center will house Athletics on the first floor. The second floor remains unclaimed, though it probably won't be for long. The attractive project (Bob shared another drawing) is to be complete in the fall of 2012 and entirely paid for with donated funds.
  • A new Multi-Discipline Lab on the campus of the SIUe Alton Dental School is currently under design and scheduled to be bid next summer.
  • The addition to the Engineering Building will house offices and classrooms; 100% documents are being reviewed. It is scheduled for completion in early 2013. Bob also shared the artist's rendering of this addition.
  • A Softball Practice Facility is being constructed to be completed in late December.
  • Peck Hall has new windows, new vestibules, and all furniture in the building is being replaced. The new glass in the windows has already cut the effect of the sunshine in some offices by 75%.
  • In Rendleman Hall, new windows will be installed and new vestibules constructed and for the first time, the lobby will become usable space. The project is to be complete in the fall of 2012.
  • Dunham Hall windows will be replaced in spring/summer of 2012; it is a CDB project. The huge sheets of glass in the original construction are no longer available, so sheets that can be connected in a seamless way are being sought.
  • The University is in the planning stages of a new Health Sciences Facility since many students going into other areas of health service (besides nursing) have to look elsewhere for their education, causing SIUe to lose students. This new building will address the problem.
  • Retro Commissioning has begun in Rendleman and Peck Hall; engineering firms examine the buildings and report problems for the 21st Century Building Program. As a result of their findings, certain problems were identified that moved Rendleman Hall much higher on the list of buildings to be repaired/renewed.
  • 21st Century Building Program was proposed by Bob Washburn to bring campus buildings up to date by addressing all problems such as HVAC, electric, plumbing, etc. It is to begin after completion of the Science Building addition when the available space in the old Science Building can be occupied by people when their building is undergoing renovation. Its cost will be $6 million per year and all systems within a building will be addressed; HVAC, electric, painting, etc; all will be brought up to code. As a result, Founders Hall will become the home of the Nursing Program; Alumni Hall will become the School of Education Building.
  • Within the hairpin, a new area will be constructed, approximately 100' X 75', to honor anyone who has worked at SIUe for more than 15 years. It will be titled "Builders of the University," and Rick Klein is working on it. It is to be completed before the Chancellor's retirement in July, 2012.
  • Changes to North University Drive are under design and IDOT is planning changes to the Delyte Morris Trail.
  • In East St. Louis, one million dollars has been donated for construction of a new STEM Classroom; Mike Grandy is the coordinator on the project.

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Last Update: 31 December, 2011
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