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End of Year 2011



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Welcome, Paul!

Many people have met FM's new director, Paul Fuligni, this week; he has been familiarizing himself with campus. Paul comes to FM with vast experience in planning and executing various and diverse programs and improvements; as Vice Commander of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in the Pacific, he had oversight of 4000 personnel. Part of his adjustment will no doubt be the return to winter weather; he was previously stationed in Hawaii! Please welcome Paul as he leads the FM team in overseeing some of the busiest years the University has ever had.

Paul will assume responsibility for directing Facilities Management in early January; the exact date has not been determined.

Gift that keeps giving…

Building occupants are reminded to be certain all food trash is discarded into the appropriate receptacles before leaving for Christmas break. The banana left in a trash can in December will be especially unpleasant by January, and everyone in the office, perhaps everyone on the floor, will notice!

Just in Case…

Employees who need to be on campus during Christmas break should be aware of the following:

In case of a police emergency…………………………………………Dial 911

When in need of campus police assistance OR when reporting a building problem (police will radio a building engineer)...………………………………………Dial 3324

FM E-mail

ClipBoard readers are reminded (and asked to remind others) that e-mails to an individual mail box may not be checked while that person is on vacation or away. An e-mail requiring immediate attention should also be copied to to ensure a response even if the addressed supervisor is on vacation.


Workers are beginning to remove the plaques from doors in the buildings scheduled to get new interior signage. In most cases, there will be some residual marks or adhesive left behind. Later in the process, however, a different crew will follow up to make whatever cosmetic repairs are needed prior to installing the new signs. Also, please be advised that there will be some noise involved with the removal process, as they will be using hammers and chisels to remove the old numbers.

And to light the way…

The Campus Re-lamp will be complete by December 22, 2011. Electricians have completed Peck Hall, Rendleman Hall, Dunham Hall, Founders and Alumni Hall, and the Engineering Building. Work will be completed very soon on the Vadalabene Center, then move to the Science Building and Lovejoy Library.

Space Inventory

A number of government programs will reimburse the University for operational costs. These programs grant the funds on the basis of building areas used to support a program. Approximately 20 years have passed since the building areas were surveyed and actual room areas calculated, so an Architectural/Engineering firm was hired to survey nearly all University owned buildings to update the data sheets that support the funding applications. Time constraints on a current project resulted in five architects studying the plans, measuring rooms, checking room numbers, and collecting all the information needed to update the data sheets. Once the A/E completes the information collection, several University personnel and a Consultant have further data to add to the forms and then to separate out the pertinent data as needed for each fund application. Although the pressure is on to complete this particular study, it will provide an excellent data base for the University.


Founders Hall

The School of Business is very excited about the new Cougar Business Resource Center. This first-class space is designed for use by Business School students as both a work center and a resource center. Students have small rooms that can serve as a practice presentation room, group study, discussion group or private study. A computer center is available for research and laptop computers can be borrowed at the check in desk for use within the Resource Center. Several rooms can be used for conferences or presentations. The finishes are unique and of high quality, providing a great place for Business students to further their education.

Peck Hall Window Upgrades

All work has been completed on the Peck window replacement project, although a few adjustments remain to be finished. With winter here, building occupants will appreciate the better quality windows and the additional insulated panels on the lower three feet of the window wall. The new vestibules around the main lobby on the first floor will reduce the cold blasts of air formerly experienced and make the lobby a much more comfortable study area for the students.

Dunham Hall

The architects have nearly finished their contract documents for the Dunham Hall window upgrades and will be submitting them in the next month for review by CDB. Notations will be made and transmitted to the architects for incorporation into the final documents which will be issued for bid in January. The current schedule calls for construction to begin right after spring Commencement with work in offices and classrooms completed first, followed by the large lobby windows in the fall.

A new storage facility will be erected just southwest of the Metcalf Theater to provide additional storage for the Theater and Dance department. Large pieces of furniture and similar types of stage decorations need to be stored in a controlled space which will be provided in this new building.

Science Lab Building West

Construction work has greatly increased during the last few months, although the contractor remains behind schedule. The building appears more finished as precast wall panels enclose the north, south and east walls. Temporary plastic panels are closing the openings to allow for temporary heat during the winter work season. The ventilating contractor is installing his ductwork and has completed most of the major ductwork on all floors. The heating contractor has installed the mechanical units in the roof penthouse and sub basement mechanical room. The electricians and plumbers are also working throughout the building. Metal studs are being erected throughout the first 3 floors with work soon to start on the highest floor. Once the building is enclosed and heated, drywall installation can begin. Window units have been installed on the north elevation and part of the east; the contractor is now working on the south elevation. The roofer will begin shortly to install the penthouse roof followed by the main building roof, which will finalize the temporary watertightness of the building.

Existing Science Building

SIUe requested that CDB initiate a new contract for the redesign of the existing Science Building; after nearly a year, the architects now have that contract and can proceed to develop the construction documents. SIUe also requested that the existing roof be replaced first. This roof would have been replaced two years ago when the other campus roofs were replaced, and it was thought that the renovation would occur sooner. The architects will soon meet with Staff to reaffirm decisions made several years ago for the Design Development phase of the work. About half of the building will be renovated for Science which includes the STEM, Physics, and Math Departments. The remainder of the building space will serve as swing space as the Century 21 building rehabilitation program begins for the core buildings. Currently, the architects anticipate construction beginning in the spring of 2012 with completion about 18-20 months later.

Engineering Building Addition

The proposed addition to the Engineering building is out for bids which will be received before Christmas. Construction is anticipated to begin in March, 2012 with completion around May, 2013. The four story addition will be primarily classrooms with offices on the top floor. It will be connected to the existing building at the west stair via an atrium to the north; the new building will be rectangular and oriented long ways east to west as is the existing.

Vadalabene Center Addition

Construction work is moving now on the Charles and Mary Lukas Athletic Addition to the Vadalabene Center. The ground has been excavated and the shotcrete soil nail wall is installed under the existing building wall. A basement is included in the plans for the new addition, but there is no basement under the existing building; therefore, to support the existing wall, concrete is sprayed over the excavated dirt wall, then 30' long cores are bored downward under the existing building and then reinforced with steel and filled with concrete grout. The basement wall is built up in several layers with mesh reinforcing and heavy concrete sprayed on the wall to build an 8"-12" thick wall under the existing wall. Further work is occurring with the foundation walls of the basement being prepared for concrete.

Morris University Center

Some unusual conditions delayed Pizza Hut and Taco Bell from opening when anticipated. The work was completed and the Health Department approved the construction. Now, the full Taco Bell menu and Pizza Hut pizzas and/or chicken wings are available.

Art & Design West

Construction is under way on the addition. Once again, the foundation preparation is a time consuming operation and makes the construction site look quiet. A drill rig drilled deep holes and filled them with crushed limestone to create strong pillars under the building footings and column pads. Now that the foundation piers are completed, the site will take on the appearance of an active and busy construction site. The underground utilities are being installed as the contractor forms and pours the concrete foundation walls and structural pads.


A recent project added photovoltaic panels to the roof and a windmill out front - both to provide supplemental electrical power generated by the sun and wind. Both items are visible from New Poag Road and are worth the drive to see them. They will be used as teaching tools in the ERTC program and the sciences.

Refrigeration Plant

A fence was erected to separate the engineering students' workshop area from the main portion of the refrigeration plant. A new exit door was installed in the north wall as part of the fence project. Engineering students now have a large work area on the main floor to work on the Baja car, Formula 1 car, concrete canoes, and bridges as needed.

Rendleman Hall

Final bids were received in early November and the contracts were approved at the December Board of Trustees meeting for replacement of the Rendleman windows and construction of vestibules on the north and south entrances to the building. The contractor is preparing the shop drawings so that window materials can be ordered. Construction is scheduled to start in early spring.


A metal building is rising west of the softball field for the team to practice infield, pitching, and hitting in inclement and/or cold weather. The contractor is working to complete the building by the end of December as a dedication is scheduled for January 8th, and the women begin practice on the 9th.

Alton Campus

Preliminary plans and studies are underway for a new Multidisciplinary Laboratory (MDL) building attached to the existing MDL. The existing fitness center portion of the MDL will be removed to allow the connection of the new building to the old. The new building will utilize most of the first floor for the laboratory with a new Fitness Center and mechanical spaces on the lower level. Another small project, but important, is the installation of a signal light at the crosswalk on College Avenue. Thankfully, no one has been hit by a vehicle, but it is a challenging crossing, so the addition of a stop light will enhance safety. A plan change had to be made to accommodate the existing power lines, so the new traffic signal mast arm will be delivered very soon and installed immediately.


The new STEM classroom is nearly finished. Floating ceilings, unique light fixtures, glass entry wall and doors, an etched sliding glass door, rubber flooring and carpeted areas all sound exotic, but enhance the space to fulfill the special gift that was received to build this room. The donor's attorney is visiting shortly and should be impressed with the finished space. The computers and furniture have not yet been installed, but should be in place in January.

Miscellaneous Projects

A number of smaller projects have been occurring around the campus. A new paved parking lot was installed at the Baseball Field, the parking lots were repaired and sealed over the summer, decorative stone pillars with a wrought iron arch as a gift from the Class of 2011, a new bouldering cave in the Fitness Center, and many "behind-the-scenes" projects such as utility lines, lighting replacement, on-going repairs of roofs and buildings, etc.


Those who travel to or through St. Louis are aware of the many current road construction projects, and that more are planned. To avoid work zones, call 1-888-ASK-MODOT or visit their website at .

Get up-to-the-minute traffic information on interstates or major state routes by dialing 5-1-1 from most cell phones; if 5-1-1 isn't available, dial 877-478-5511 (877-4STL-511).



Temperature Control, Work Order Control, Customer Service/650-3711

Key Control/650-3200

Utilities & Energy Management/650-3329



Business Manager, Alicia Wainright/650-3161


Janice LaRiviere/650-3804 (Maintenance)

Steve Brandenburg/650-2069 (Building Services, Grounds)

Ed Matecki/650-2258 (Utilities)

Frank Zaloga/7252 or 6350 (Alton SDM and ESLHEC)


Rick Klein/650-3575

Mohammad Rouf/650-3917

Patrick Long/650-2810

Michael Grandy/650-3710

John Renken/650-3365

Facilities Management Fax: 618-650-2595

After hours/week-end building problems: 650-3324

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