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Vadalabene Center Pool

Failure of the pool heater resulted in some "cold swims." The replacement should be installed and the pool back up to normal by the first of next week.

Question from Facilities Management's Web Page

Note: On the Facilities Management Web Page, visitors are asked to leave questions or comments; this is the most recent.

Suggestions: When will you be re-installing the ceiling in the basement hallway of Alumni hall (and other halls of Alumni as well)? They've been gone almost a year now and their absence makes the hall look bad. Please make a public statement about this so we have some idea when you will restore our building. Thanks.

Answer: The hiring freeze as well as changes in the extra help rules have caused Facilities to have to reprioritize a much more limited labor pool. Work on the ceilings was delayed as projects with more pressing time lines were completed. We have been back on the ceiling project for a couple of weeks and are looking to finish the project by the start of fall classes.

Robert B. Washburn

Director Facilities Management

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

(618)650-2560 - fax (618)650-2595


Window Upgrades

When campus was originally designed, energy was cheap and plentiful and the expense of double pane or insulated glass windows was considered an extravagance. However, today energy costs are increasing and the University continues to pursue methods to reduce those costs. Obviously, replacement of the single pane windows would be a big help, but the cost of replacement can be expensive. Construction documents have been completed by the architects and are being reviewed by the University. They are out for bid and the results will be received in late February. Design concepts have begun for window replacement at Rendleman Hall and those ideas should be provided to the University in a few months. Dunham Hall is under a State design contract through the Capital Development Board (CDB) and work moves per their requirements which are slower than the University's procedures. Work on Peck Hall is anticipated to start following May commencement with critical classroom spaces to be done over the summer. The University has been promised that lobby window replacement in Dunham Hall will also begin this summer and extend into the fall. No construction schedule has yet been developed for Rendleman Hall.

Science Lab Building West

Construction work was delayed several weeks when the drill rig blew its engine. When another drill rig was located and moved to the site, it was assembled and found to have some problems, but those have been corrected and drilling has resumed. More than 350 of the augers have been drilled out of the 537 planned. Site adjustment work has begun and many dump trucks have been rolling in and out of the site. The contractor has tied down the construction schedule and all subcontractors have agreed with the proposed schedule which calls for completion in mid-May 2012. Once finished, move in will begin and should be complete for the fall semester. The existing building will be renovated after the addition is complete; the CDB is currently negotiating with the architects and engineers for bid documentation of the renovation.

Engineering Building Addition

The schematic design has been presented to the University and work has begun on the design development phase. The schematic phase applies the programmatic needs the University stated to the Architects to a floor plan to develop spaces and relationships between the various users. The users review the plan to see if it fulfills their needs and ample opportunity is allowed for them to suggest alternative ideas or to critique the plans. Concepts of the exterior design and a rough estimate of costs are also provided for review and comment. This project is not as well developed as several others as it was on hold for several months. Current plans call for completion of the facility for fall, 2012.

Vadalabene Center Addition

Architects and engineers are developing construction documents (specifications and drawings) for the 2-story-plus basement addition to the north end of the Vadalabene Center. The Athletics Department will move its operation to the first floor of this new space and use the basement as a weight training area. The upper level is unfinished presently and will be available when other needs occur. Once Athletics moves from its current location, Kinesiology will be able to expand into the vacated spaces. This project is also on schedule for opening in the fall of 2012.

Morris University Center

New first floor restrooms have been open since the fall semester and have been well received. The Center will update and expand Pizza Hut and Taco Bell operations this summer. The front of Pizza Hut will be expanded to align with the front of Taco Bell. This expansion will improve the working space but, more importantly, will allow for the addition of Wings Street to Pizza Hut. The Taco Bell work area is also being revised to improve the operation and possibly allow some menu additions. The Center is exploring the cost and work to replace the HVAC units throughout the building. New units would be more energy efficient and reliable; it is a matter of determining the best course of action and paying for the work.

Art & Design

Architects and engineers continue to make progress on preparing bid documents. These documents will require the Board Architects review and comments before they are issued for bidding. At this time, the bid documents are for the addition only. Once the addition is complete (another fall 2012 anticipated completion), then the renovation of the existing building will begin. The building will be occupied during renovation, so open areas are needed and operations moved into the new addition will provide the needed free space.

Heating & Refrigeration Plant

The concrete infill over two large holes in the floor has been completed. Engineering students have re-occupied the space to continue their work on the solar car, Formula One cars, concrete canoes and bridges. Much more space is now available to the students, plus they now have a raised platform for the work area to ease some of the work along the side of their projects.


The locker room work has been completed and a few punch list items remain. The building is ready for use when the baseball season begins. Unfortunately, the weather has not cooperated and the turf replacement project is stymied by the ice and snow. Once that has melted away, the contractor can resume his installation. Hopefully, the first game on home turf is a winner!

Alton Campus

With the exclusion of four tract houses, the windows have been replaced in all buildings on the Alton Campus. The windows have greatly improved weathertightness and reduced energy consumption as insulated glass replaced single pane glass. The staff must be happier, especially this winter, since the windows have improved their comfort in these severe temperatures. Renovation of the Science Building basement corridor has begun. Work is primarily visual improvements but new lighting and HVAC will make the space more comfortable and match the recently renovated computer study center adjacent to this corridor. New lockers will enhance the student's use of the adjacent computer work/study center. Another small construction project that was bid and released for construction this spring is a gift of the class of 2011. Watch for reports of this gift.


The Capital Development Board issued a change order to complete the fence and gate replacement project. Weather was also a factor in completion of this work. Unfortunately, a concrete contractor installed the new sidewalk with the ADA ramp incorrectly, so when the better weather returns, that will have to be replaced. Gatekeepers to hold the gates against the support posts when opened have been installed and several other touch up items have also been completed.


Other miscellaneous work on campus includes replacement of some doors at Alton. New furniture is being installed in public areas from time to time; ceilings and lighting are being upgraded in many areas (such as the open stairwell area of Peck Hall where completion of new ceilings and lighting took place last summer). Many of the items are not readily apparent, but would definitely be noticeable if they were not completed. A painting program is in place to allow for painting of classrooms during non-use periods (between semesters or over the summer); door hardware is being replaced and upgraded; new closers and operators are being installed on entry doors, and many other routine maintenance projects like upgrading of HVAC systems and plumbing are ongoing. SIUe is, after all, the equivalent of a small city!



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