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50 Years of Service to the University Community

Service Alerts & Activities

Determined to be ready…

Following the snow that closed the University on Thursday, January 7, 2010, Groundsworkers continued snow and ice removal operations on Saturday, January 9, 2010, to ensure that campus would be ready for classes to resume on Monday, January 11. Working in a temperature of only 3 degrees with a dangerous wind chill of 10 degrees below zero, they cleaned all building entrances, double checked building snow routes, plowed and salted parking lots and cleaned all ramps and walks to and from the P-lots. Work included removal (by hand) of hip deep drifts of snow down the steps on the north side of Alumni Hall. Though it included working in bitter cold and dangerous wind chills, the work was completed and classes resumed. Kudos to these fine, frozen workers!

Just a reminder…

With cold weather comes smaller visitors to the building; mice, roaches and ants. They love leftovers, so please remember to take food trash to the appropriate containers. Any problems with the little critters should be reported to the Building Services Customer Line at 2067.

Lost and Found

For many years, items found by the Building Service Workers on their rounds were returned to the Building Services office. Faculty, staff and students would check with Building Services first in their search. Soon, people just assumed that Lost and Found was at the Building Services office. However, the "real" Lost and Found on campus is at the Information Center at the MUC, and it is the central location for lost items with the exception of lost items of value (wallets, purses, etc.). They are sent to University Police; all other items are housed at the Information Center regardless of where they are found.


Construction beginning…

Well, it's no secret to anyone that construction has begun on the new Science Building! Changes have already taken place in the parking lots; a map of the reconfigured lot is available at: Meters have been removed from the eastern section of the lot; Parking Services is monitoring lot usage and may remove additional meters if necessary. Alternatives to the lost North/South sidewalk that cut through Lot E are being considered.

These changes are the beginning of Phase I, to relocate underground utilities and shape the ground for the future building. Site work should be completed around the first of April, weather permitting.

The second phase of the building is the contract document stage; that is, the bid documents are being prepared by the architects and engineers. The A/E should complete the drawings and go out for bids in late April. Construction activity should begin in June or July, depending upon CDB getting the signed contract and the contractors completing paperwork. At this early stage of the project, the plan is to have the new Lab building open for the spring semester of 2012. The planned third phase to rehabilitate the existing Science Building is scheduled to start construction upon the close of the 2012 spring semester. That anticipated construction period is around 18 months.

The water line hook up occurred early the first week in February; FM appreciates the patience of Dunham Hall occupants as they endured the loss of service and subsequent Boil Order. What an exciting time to be at SIUE!

Alton Campus

The SIUE SDM Alton Campus has been the scene of numerous building projects. Most obvious is the remodeling of the Gym Building exterior. Gone are the dingy white siding and old windows; in their place, new siding with vertical battens (narrow strips of trim) has been installed. The new siding was painted a light tan and the battens a slightly contrasting darker tan to match the general color of the campus stone work. New windows installed in Buildings 273, 274, 277, 279, and 280 have greatly improved the interior comfort of the occupants. Tuckpointing of the brick and stonework took place at Building 273, 277, 279, and 280. The basement of Building 273 has been remodeled for a student lounge and the basement of 279 was converted to a large computer study and testing lab space. All in all, the appearance of the campus was greatly improved, but more importantly, so was the comfort of the students, faculty and staff. A terrific side benefit is the reduction of energy consumption as part of the campus wide Green effort.

The entrance to the campus from east along College Ave was "opened" with the removal of the old two-story building (an area no longer in use) on the north end of the Multi-discipline Lab Building (MDL). The removal not only improved the view coming down College Avenue towards the campus, it made the campus appear more unified. Plans for a new MDL await funding from the Capital Development Board (CDB). (Though included in the Capital Improvements Bill, the CDB still has to sell bonds to finance this project and others.) An architect has been selected, but cannot proceed until monies are available.

Dunham Hall

Two projects in Dunham Hall are mostly out of sight. The catwalk above the theater seating was in need of safety improvements so a contractor worked over the Christmas holidays to install additional railings and floor gratings. Although the majority of campus personnel will never see the work, the theater staff is pleased with the improvements. A second project will replace the existing fire alarm system. New strobes and audible sirens will alert everyone when the alarm is sounded. Many of the hallway fire doors will now be on magnetic hold-opens which will allow the doors to remain open until an alarm is sounded when the doors will close and provide the fire separation required by the Codes. The fire alarm project is expected to be completed by the first of March.

Art & Design

The south side of the building has a new roof addition. A concrete patio work area on the south side was added a couple of years ago for sculptors to work on larger projects. Using an outside contractor, FM completed a roof over that concrete work area to provide protection from the weather. Lights on the underside of the roof also extend the hours to sculpt.


The Community College administrative offices and the cafeteria in Building B at the Higher Education Campus of East St. Louis had a frequent roof leak that damaged the ceiling and sometimes the walls. Several attempts over the years had failed to solve the water intrusion. Fitch-Fitzgerald Architects requested that the base of the second story brick wall be removed and discovered that the brick had shifted, pulling the flashing away from the wall and allowing water to enter the interior. Once the source of the water intrusion was identified, the lower 4' to 6' of the wall was removed, new flashing was installed and sealed against the back up portion of the wall, and the brick was reinstalled. After months with several heavy rain storms, no water has leaked into the interior. One other project remains on Campus from the original monies appropriated by the State and that is the replacement of the black decorative fence. That project, though ready to bid, is currently on hold.

Future Plans

Continue reading the ClipBoard for future project development. The University has selected several architectural firms to develop concepts and costs for some expansion of the Edwardsville campus; spacial needs of the campus are being addressed as money is available.



Temperature Control, Work Order Control, Customer Service/650-3711

Key Control/650-3200

Utilities & Energy Management/650-3329



Business Manager, Alicia Wainright/650-3161


Janice LaRiviere/650-3804 (Maintenance)

Steve Brandenburg/650-2069 (Building Services, Grounds)

Ed Matecki/650-2258 (Utilities)

Frank Zaloga/7252 or 6350 (Alton SDM and ESLHEC)


Rick Klein/650-3575

Mohammad Rouf/650-3917

Patrick Long/650-2810

Facilities Management Fax: 618-650-2595

After hours/week-end building problems: 650-3324

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Last Update: 31 December, 2011
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