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Facilities Management
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Interior Wayfinding Signage

Sample Signage - 1

Sample Signage - 2

Sample Signage - 3

Font File

Interior Wayfinding project - Peck Hall

Insert Template Instructions

Save all documents before printing inserts.

Load the URWGrotesk-Reg font to your computer. To load the font file on WINDOWS7:

  1. Save the zip file to your desktop.
  2. Open the zip file and copy the font file to your desktop.
  3. Right click on it from the desktop and copy.
  4. Click on the start button and go to Computer>C:Drive>Windows>Fonts.
  5. Paste the file.

Load the URWGrotesk-Reg font to your computer. To load the font file on XP:

  1. Save File to desktop
  2. Double Click Zip file on desktop
  3. Click "Exact all Files" from menu on left
  4. Select "Browse" for destination folder
  5. Browse to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
  6. Select "Next"
  7. Select "Finish"

You must do this before opening the Insert Template document. Otherwise, you will need to re-start Word. (The zip file and font file on your desktop can be deleted after the install.)

Once the fonts are loaded, open the insert template. The file name will be similar to AAA0000_11111_IST_typeX.doc

If objects are not showing properly in your document, confirm that you are in Print layout instead of Reading layout.

To make a new insert: highlight the name and/or title you wish to replace and type the new information. Do this for each line of the insert. If copy is too long, reduce font size.

Print and trim by cutting along the black lines.

Insert Template Specs

Font : URW Grotesk

Point Size : Various Pt Sizes

Text Color : Black (RGB Value: R-0 G-0 B-0)

Insert Background color : n/a

Insert Media : White paper

Please note that colors vary on different printers and the colors provided were matched according to Takeform printers and may not print exactly the same on other machines.
Published by: Facilities Management
Last Update: 31 December, 2011
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