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Facilities Management

Facilities Management
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Campus Snow Routes

Snow Route signs have been posted as follows: ADA entrances are denoted by (A)

(The list may not include all ADA doors on campus)

Edwardsville Campus

Rendleman Hall 7004 Southwest entrance (A)
Southeast entrance
North entrance (A)
Morris University Center 7005 North entrance (A)
East entrance (A)
West entrance (A)
Student Success Center 7055 West entrance (A)
Dunham Hall 7006 West entrance (A)
East entrance (A)
South entrance (A)
Science Building 7003 North entrance
South entrance (A)
Science Building West 7023 Southwest entrance (A)
Lovejoy Library 7001 South entrance (A)
North entrance (A)
Northwest Ramp
Peck Hall 7002 South entrance (A)
North entrance (A)
West entrance (A)
Founders Hall 7018 North entrance (A)
South entrance (A)
Alumni Hall 7019 South entrance (A)
North entrance (A)
Student Fitness Center 7036 North entrance (A)
Vadalabene Center 7030

Southeast entrance (A)
Northwest entrance (A)
East entrance (A)

Lukas Annex Southeast entrance (A)
Engineering Building 7037 North entrance (A)
South entrance (A)
Engineering Building West 7047 Northwest entrance (A)
Metcalf Theater 7033 East entrance (A)
Art & Design Building 7035 North entrance (A)
West entrance (A)
Art & Design Building West 7048 East entrance (A)
South entrance (A)

University Park

1 Research Southwest entrance
195 University Park North entrance
200 University Park Upper Suites 240, 260, 280 entrances
Lower Center entrance
220 University Park North entrance including Ramp
245 Research Northwest entrance
420 University Park Northwest Bio/Chem Lab entrance
Southwest Pharmaceutical Science Lab entrance
East and West Applied Spatial Analysis entrances

School of Dental Medicine (Alton)

Research Building 8271 North entrance (A)
Endo Clinic 8272 (SDM Storage) North entrance
South entrance (A)
Administration Building 8273 North entrance
South entrance
Pediatric Dentistry 8274 South entrance
Biomedical Library 8277 North entrance
Loomis Hall 8278 East entrance
Science Building 8279 Southeast entrance (A)
West entrance
Center for Professional Advancement 8280 West entrance
East entrance
Clinic Facility 8263 South entrance (A)
North entrance
Former Dental Clinic Building 8283 West entrance (A)
Prosthodontics 8284 North entrance
South entrance
Surgical Specialty Offices 8285 North entrance
South entrance
Community Dentistry-Human Behavior 8286 North entrance
South entrance
Clinical Research 8287 North entrance
Diagnostic Specialty Offices/Labs 8288 North entrance
Biomedical Sciences Offices 8289 North entrance
Gym 8281 East entrance

East St.Louis Higher Education Campus

All entrances are snow routes

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Last Update: 31 December, 2011
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