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The Impact of EUE Projects

Over the years, EUE projects have had significant impact on undergraduate education. Below is a list of some of the evidence for this impact. If you would like to add information about the impact of your project to the list, contact the EUE Coordinator.




Interprofessional Patient Error Disclosure Simulation Training for Dental Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy Students

Popkess, A.,  Poirier, T., Wilhelm, M., Durbin, C., Ronald K., Pailden, J. & Roucka, T. (2017). Interprofessional Error Disclosure Simulation for Health Professional StudentsClinical Simulation in Nursing, 13, pp. 573-582.

Continuous Improvement Conference Poster Sessions

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Ann Dirks Linhorst - Creating a Pre-Law Program Internship

Thoshitha Gamage and Tim York - An Interdisciplinary Hands-on Approach to

Chaya Gopalan - Development of a Digital Textbook and the Use of Innovative Active Learning Strategies to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Jessica Harris, Bryan Jack, and Rowena McClinton - The Long Struggle for Civil
Rights: Slavery to Freedom

Yuliang Liu - Impacts of an International Education and Culture-Focused Study Abroad Program in China

Mark McKenney - Development of a Hybrid Course Infrastructure and its Application in CS340: Algorithms and Data Structures

Therese Poirier, Connie Stamper-Carr, and Kate Newman - A Health Humanities Course for Developing Interpersonal Skills in Pre-Professional Honors Students

Marcelo Nieto and Catherine Santanello - Medicinal Plant and Tropical Diseases Elective

Steve Tamari - Connecting SIUE Students to Peers in the Muslim World through Web-Based Conferencing


Santanello, C. & Nieto, M. Medicinal Plants and Tropical Diseases Elective Guest lecturer - Troyo, Adriana, 2015. Vector-borne Diseases: A Never-ending Story in Costa Rica, SIUE School of Pharmacy Research presentation.


Ryan Fries, Traffic Signal Lab: Phase II

Crash Course in Transportation Engineering: Students Using a Vehicle Driving Simulator. Co-presenter, Huaguo Zhou  Presented at the Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference, UMSL,  November 11, 2011.

Janice Joplin & Norris Manning, Business Transitions I:  Planning for Success (GBA 301)

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SIUE News Item

Capital Campaign

Liu Min, Poirier, Terri, Butler, Lakesha, Comrie, Rhonda. Design of an Interprofessional Education Program on Culturally Competent Communication for Nursing and Pharmacy Students. Min Liu, Therese Poirier, Lakesha Butler, Rhonda Comrie, & Junvie, Palden (2015) Design and evaluation of interprofessional cross-cultural communication sessions, Journal of Interprofessional Care, 29(6), 622-627.

Butler LM, Poirier TI, Liu M, Comrie R. “Evaluation of Interprofessional Cross-Cultural Communication Sessions.” American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2014: 78(5), Article 111, p 59. (published abstract)

Comrie RW, Butler LM, Liu M, Poirier TI. An Innovative Program to Target Culturally Competent Communication for Students in Nursing and Pharmacy Programs. Midwest Nursing Research Society 39th Annual Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, April 2015. (poster presentation)

Butler LM, Poirier TL, Liu M, Comrie R. Evaluation of Interprofessional Cross-Cultural Communication Sessions. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting, Dallas, Texas, July 2014. (poster presentation)

Carolina Rocha, Spanish in the Community: an Experiential, Service-Learning Class SIUE EUE class assists Spanish speakers in the area. Edwardsville Intelligencer, Dec. 20, 2013 (download PDF)


Wiley Butler, L., Devraj, R. & Santanello, C.  Instructional Video Design for a Health Literacy Course in the Pharmacy Curriculum Butler, L.M., Devraj, R., & Santanello, C. 2013. Design and Evaluation of Health Literacy Instructional Video for Pharmacy Students. Innovations in Pharmacy, Vol. 4:1-6.

Butler, LM, Devraj R, Santanello C. Design and Evaluation of Health Literacy Instructional Video for Pharmacy Students.  American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2011: 75(5), Article 105, p 47. (published abstract)

Butler, L., Devraj, R. & Santanello, C. 2011. Design and Evaluation of Health Literacy Instructional Video for Pharmacy Students. Poster Session, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting and Seminars, San Antonio, TX.

Butler LM, Santanello C, Devraj R. Health Literacy: Overcoming Patient Misunderstanding in Pharmaceutical Care. [DVD]. Byers, C, producer. New York (NY): Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Inc. 2012. available at  (DVD media, available nationally)
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