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Cross Connection Control

Since 1983/84 the Environmental Resources Training Center has offered a total of 194 backflow prevention courses for a total of 3,700 persons as of February 2003. ERTC has also offered 16 annual Backflow Prevention Symposiums for a total of approximately 3,750 attendees. Since 1997 ERTC has offered 13 Backflow Prevention Update courses for a total of approximately 220 attendees. The Environmental Resources Training Center since its original designation has continually attempted to make those individuals working in potable water protection aware of the constant changes that occur in this profession.

Current IEPA Cross-Connection Control Device Inspector certification requires a four day training course which deals IEPA and IDPH rules and regulations, hands-on practice testing of different types of backflow devices, and proper maintenance and repair. Tests to be learned include backpressure testing of double check valves at 2 psid and the new technique of testing each check in Direction of Flow at 1 psid which does not call for the application of pressure to the backside of the check valve. This new test only requires measuring the difference in pressure from the front of the check valve to the back of the check valve. The removal of pressure from the backside of the check valve allows for a more accurate test. It has been documented that by applying more pressure to the backside of a check valve even broken springs can be missed. It is our job is to find the leaks if they exist not hide them. With the availability of using calibrated pressure differential gages and digital gages to allow for more accurate field testing, the next step is training our plumbers and water operators how to do this practice in order to help in the protection process for our potable water supply.

Since 911 we have seen our states water treatment plants come under an increased amount of scrutiny. They will spend millions of dollars on more technical equipment and manpower to help protect our water sources. The Cross-Connection Control Device Inspector can play a vital role in helping to monitor our distribution systems which are also vulnerable to possible outside contamination.

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State of Illinois List of Approved Plumbers

The link below is a list of plumbers approved as Cross Connection Control Device Inspectors in the State of Illinois. They are grouped by business zip code. If the plumber has not provided a business zip code, he or she will be listed alphabetically at the beginning of the document.

Approved Plumbers List

Please note: The above list includes all plumbers approved as CCCDI inspectors, not plumbing contractors. For an Illinois Department of Public Health list of plumbing contractors, please follow the link below.

IDPH Plumbing Website

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