Enrollment Management at SIUE

September 2012 Edition of the SIUE Enrollment Management Update

Thank you all!

Your good work contributed to increased new fall enrollment for new graduate students, increased yield for new transfers, and another record year for new freshmen in both academic quality and size. This year�s class of 2075 freshmen had a mean ACT of 22.8 compared to 22.4 last year.

Overall enrollment trailed last fall by about 1%. Most of the decline was among our undecided population and a few majors/programs being impacted by the economy. Even though we have the most competitive tuition of any 4 year school in Illinois, we know it still takes a serious financial commitment to attend SIUE.

More than 16,000 new students applied for fall admission and more than 15,000 students applied for financial aid. Each of those applications came with supporting documents, emails, and phone calls. The update below also includes details about services provided by the Career Development Center and students who graduated this summer. Thank you all for your work with each and every one of these students.

In mid-September the SIU Board of Trustees requested that we make a brief presentation regarding our enrollment. Because of your work and the work of many others at SIUE I had the pleasure of sharing a very positive story about our enrollment growth over the past several years. You can find a copy of that presentation here.

As part of our September update notes and comments from various Enrollment Management and advising units from around the university are included below. There is a great deal going on!

Enjoy October!�Spring registration starts October 15th�

Thanks again and take care,
Scott Belobrajdic

Office of Admissions

In collaboration with various offices on campus, the Office of Admissions welcomed the new freshmen and transfer students to campus for the fall term via programs such as TRANFERmation; Convocation, and the SIUE Experience. A special thanks to the entire university community for their assistance in helping SIUE to enroll another talented group of new students. See photo of Class of 2016 freshmen class.

By partnering with the International Student Affairs Office; the Graduate School; and University Marketing, the Office of Admissions is beginning a series of enhanced communications to better serve our graduate and international prospective students.

During the week of September 17th, the Review and Processing unit began sending out admission decisions for the fall 2013 term. This will continue through our application deadlines on a rolling admission basis.

Springboard to Successsiue.edu/springboard

Registration � Registration will begin on October 1, 2012

Invitation � The invitation will begin on October 1 and continue on an ongoing basis

Springboard Dates � May 23-24, May 30-31, June 6-7, June 13-14, June 20-21, May 28-29, June 4-5, June 11-12, June 18-19, June 25-26

Contact � The email address for Springboard to Success has changed from springboard@siue.edu to orientation@siue.edu.

Visit Opportunitiessiue.edu/visit

Registration � Registration is online at siue.edu/visit for all opportunities

Initiation � New visit brochures � Fall Visit Opportunities, Spring Visit Opportunities

Preview SIUE Dates � October 8, 2012 and November 12, 2012

Explore Academic Excellence Days Dates� Formally Open Houses
- School of Pharmacy - October 20, 2012 � Moved to fall from spring
- Fine & Performing Arts � November 9, 2012 � New initiative for 2012
- School of Engineering � November 10, 2012 � Moved to fall from spring
- School of Nursing � February 16, 2013
- School of Business � March 16, 2013
- School of Education, Health and Human Behavior � April 6, 2013

Contact Information � The email address for all campus visit programs is visitsiue@siue.edu.

For two weeks in September, various staff within the Office of Admissions travelled across the state attending the 2012 State Articulation programs for counselors. During these travels to 8 of the four-year public Illinois institutions, the office visited with more than 1,500 high school counselors, as well as some community college counselors/advisors.

The Office of Admissions welcomed more than 25 new STAR�s (STudents Assisting in Recruitment). The new group of student volunteers joins our returning STAR�s meaning there are around 50 SIUE students who give back of their time to assist the office with individual campus visits; various campus visit programs, and other special requests. A special �thank you� goes out to all of the STAR�s for their time and service to the Office of Admissions and SIUE.

Upcoming Dates:
Spring 2013 application deadlines:
International (out of country): October 1, 2012
International (in country): November 15, 2012
Undergraduate and Graduate: December 7, 2012

Financial Aid

FAFSA applications received 15,312, up 789 from last year
Students packaged 12,698, up 243 from last year

A welcome to Carrie Morrill, Technical Associate!

Michelle Oliver has been hired as a Financial Aid Advisor II, with a start date of October 1, 2012.

Career Development Center

We began our fall recruiting season on Monday, September 17, with the start of On-Campus Interviews. 31 employers are scheduled to conduct on-campus interviews in the CDC during the fall term. September 24-Oct 2 is Accounting Week and currently over 200 on-campus interviews are scheduled for Accounting students on these days. Special thanks to Carrie Smolar for working with the employers and students to get this all set up.

September 19 was our Career Exploration and Majors Fair. This year the event was partnered with CAS Hands-On Day. Special thanks to Laci Warden for her efforts in coordinating this event and helping to foster the collaborative effort with CAS.

We are gearing up for our fall career fairs. October Career Fair is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3 (CAS & Business), and Thursday, October 4 (Engineering). Currently 100+ employers are scheduled to participate in this 2-day event. In preparation of the career fair, walk-in resume critiques for students will be available in the CDC on September 28, October 1 and 2. The Health Careers Fair (Nursing, Pharmacy, and all other health related majors) is scheduled for Tuesday, November 13. Employer registrations are just getting started for this event but 18 employers are already registered to attend. Pharmacy Interview Day will be the following day, November 14.

We will be hosting our Fall Mock Interview Day on October 23. 26 employers have generously volunteered their time to conduct over 100 student mock interviews for us on that day.

We are working on tracking CDC service usage by students in the School of Business (GBA 301) and for classes in the School of Engineering (Civil Engineering and Construction Management).

Since the start of the fall term, CDC staff have given 27 presentations to classes and organizations on campus. These presentations have totaled nearly 1200 participants.

152 students have notified us that they are working in a Co-op/Internship related to their major this term. This is an increase of 38% over this same time last year.


Service Center

The Service Center has a current vacancy for an A/R Specialist I position.

The last day for undergraduate students to change classes to Audit is September 28.

Reclassifications of Residency application and supporting documentation for fall 2012 is due in the Service Center on October 1.

The last day for students to change classes to the Pass/No Credit option is October 12.

The last day to drop classes or withdraw from the University with grades of W on the transcript is October 26. No approval from the instructor or advisor is required.

Registrar Operations

Peter Clifford has accepted the position of IT Technical Associate in the Office of the Registrar. He is coming to us from Principia College where he has attained over eight years of experience supporting Banner Student, writing reports, and building Degree Works. He will join the Registrar Operations team and assume responsibility for ad hoc data reporting, routine Enrollment Management reporting, and Registrar website support on Monday, October 15, 2012.

The Summer 2013 Class Schedule solicit has been sent out to departments. Departments are requested to review the class sections that rolled from Summer 2012 and provide day and time, location, and instructor information. The deadline to return to Academic Scheduling is Monday, October 1.

The Fall 2013 Class Schedule solicit is scheduled to be sent to departments on Monday, October 8. The deadline to return to Academic Scheduling will be Monday, October 22.

We welcomed two new student employees in the Registrar Operations unit at the beginning of the fall term. Bayan Hamad provides support to Academic Scheduling, and Jessica Glaspie has moved from desk reception to systems support, where she lends assistance to Michelle Hockett and Pat Sears in the areas of documentation, edit-checking, and website review. We are so fortunate to have their help!

Have a burning question about Admissions, Records, or Registration processes? Four Registrar staff members will be attending the IACRAO 90th annual meeting in Alsip, IL, including an Admissions Birds of a Feather, a Registrar Birds of a Feather, and a Banner Round Table. If you�d like to learn how other Admissions and Registrar professionals across the state are handling topics in these areas, send an email to Heather Yeager (hdehner@siue.edu) or Chris Leopold (cmitche@siue.edu), and they will make sure to pose your questions and relay feedback from Illinois colleagues upon their return. The IACRAO conference will be held Wednesday, October 24-Friday, October 26.

With the approval of the MS degree in Healthcare Informatics, the Graduate School and Offices of Admissions, Educational Outreach, and Registrar have met to review procedures for admitting and declaring students into the program. Effective Fall 2012, 30 current students from Fall 2010 and Fall 2011 cohorts and 11 students in the Fall 2012 cohort have been declared into the new interdisciplinary program.


Diplomas for Spring 2012 graduates were received by Graduation staff. Approximately 1675 diplomas were mailed to these graduates. 1030 students have applied for Fall 2012 graduation. Students who plan to participate in the December 15, 2012 commencement ceremonies need to complete the Commencement Participation Form on the commencement web site no later than November 26, 2012.

Work continued on the redaction project to remove social security numbers from imaged SIUE transcripts listing course work taken prior to Winter 1984. Approximately 4,000 transcripts have been redacted to date.

For the fourth consecutive year SIUE was named to the Military Friendly Schools List by Victory Media. Congratulations and thanks to our staff working with veterans for the excellent service they provide to our veteran students.

Registrar Processing

Current volume processed between July 1 and September 19, 2012
- ACT scores - 156
- College Transcripts - 3021 (464 received electronically)
- High School Transcripts - 1125 (104 received electronically)
- Web Applications for Admission - 2392
- Paper Applications for Admission - 180

354 Fall 2013 Freshman admit packets were mailed on Thursday September 20, 2012.

Registrar Processing staff have completed the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting training.

Engineering Student Services

Engineering students identified by GradesFirst as being �At-Risk� will be sent email notifications letting them know that they have been identified by teaching faculty as experiencing academic difficulty - the notifications include tutoring information. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor if additional assistance in other areas is needed. The notifications are sent from Engineering Student Services.

The Lewis & Clark 2+2 Agreement have been signed by the Provost office and will be available on the Engineering Student Services and Transfer Center website soon.

Spring 2013 Early Advisement is currently in progress.

The School of Engineering Open House planning for November 10, 2012 is underway.

OCECA/School of Education

Students who are applying to teacher education programs will now be able to use ACT scores in lieu of Basic Skills TAP Tests, based on a recent rule change by the ISBE. The ISBE rules are temporary, but it is anticipated that they will be adopted.

For students who wish to use their ACT scores in lieu of Basic Skills TAP Test, they will need:
- a score of 22 or higher on the ACT (or SAT combined score of 1030 for math and critical reading) and they must have taken the writing test section of the ACT. This must have been completed in the last five years.
- to meet the other program requirements for admission into a teacher education program (such as required courses, gpa, etc.)
- to complete necessary forms for the ISBE (ISBE Form 73-60) and OCECA forms, and have official score report submitted.

Students cannot use the ACT test score if they have failed the TAP test five times

Please refer students who have specific questions about this procedure to OCECA. Faculty or staff with questions are also welcome to contact OCECA for clarification.

School of Pharmacy

The application cycle for students who want to begin the pharmacy program in the fall of 2013 is underway. PharmCAS has moved to a web-based format for this year, which is a good thing because now PharmCAS applications can be accessed from any computer. This is will be especially helpful since Tessa has left the School in order to be a full-time homemaker. We really miss her! Dr. Gupchup has informed me that it is unlikely that her position will be filled. However, I am holding out hope that this may not be the case.

The concurrent MBA/PharmD has been approved. Only students admitted to the School of Pharmacy in the fall of 2012 or later are eligible to apply to the graduate school for consideration to this concurrent degree program.