Enrollment Management at SIUE

January 2013 Edition of the SIUE Enrollment Management Update

Hello Everyone �

I hope your spring semester is off to a good start. Updates from various units are attached for your information. Please take just a minute to look for important dates and announcements. 12,986 students registered for spring semester this year! Thank you all for your efforts to get the new and returning students started on a new term at SIUE.

Thanks again and take care,
Scott Belobrajdic


Transfer Center
A 2+2 Exercise Science Program was formally established with Lewis & Clark Community College � Special thanks to Carla Totten, Erik Kirk and Curt Lox for their work on this initiative!

We will begin work on a 2+2 Special Education Program with Lewis & Clark Community College and a 2+2 Exercise Science Program with Southwestern Illinois College.

486 diplomas were mailed for Summer 2012 graduates on November 6, 2012. If you are contacted by summer graduates who have not yet received their diplomas please refer them to Graduation staff at 650-2282 or 650-2263 for assistance.

535 students participated in the Fall 2012 commencement ceremonies held on Saturday, December 15, 2012.

2027 students have applied for Spring 2013 graduation. Not all of these students will be eligible to participate in commencement upon advisor review. The four Spring 2013 commencement ceremonies will be held on Friday, May 3, 2013 and Saturday, May 4, 2013. A large number of volunteers will be needed to assist with marching card distribution and line up for these ceremonies.

The office will begin evaluating commencement eligibility procedures and reporting as it relates to summer commencement participation.

Staff from the Office of the Registrar, Office of the Bursar, and the Office of Student Financial Aid continue to meet to improve communication of changes in Chapter 33 Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefit processing with students receiving these benefits and to improve and facilitate G.I. Bill processing interactions between the three offices.

Registrar Operations
Three policies have been revised as a result of our recently introduced doctoral programs in Educational Leadership and Nursing Doctoral Practice.
-     Policy 1F1 revisions establish various requirements for students pursuing doctoral programs.
-     Revisions to Policies 1L8 and 1L13 expand definitions of what may be categorized as culminating work at the doctoral level.

Summer and Fall 2013 class schedules have been available for viewing in CougarNet since prior to winter break. In addition, students� enrollment PINs were applied in Banner at the beginning of spring semester. These tasks are completed in anticipation of web registration opening for Summer and Fall 2013 to Seniors, Seniors with Degree, Graduate Students, and those administratively designated to receive priority, beginning Monday, March 11 at 8:00AM. Registration rolls out for an additional three weeks, with open registration for all students becoming available on Monday, April 1 at 8:00AM.

There are four reminders that we can pass along to students to ensure a speedy and successful web registration experience. Students can:
-    Check CougarNet to determine whether they have any active holds and resolve them as soon as possible � anything from a prior-term balance to an immunization hold can delay students� ability to register.
-    Accept their Financial Responsibility Agreement in CougarNet � which will be applied to students� records on Tuesday, February 12.
-    Review any prerequisites, restrictions, and special approvals for the classes they wish to take, thereby minimizing registration barriers.
-    Meet with an advisor to plan their upcoming schedules, discuss progress toward completion, and obtain their enrollment PIN.

Production on the Spring 2014 Class Schedule will commence on Monday, April 1, when Academic Scheduling sends out the class schedule solicit to departments. Departments will be asked to make their changes and additions and submit their edits back to Academic Scheduling by Monday, April 15. The Spring 2014 class schedule will be made available in CougarNet by Friday, June 7. Once class schedules become available on CougarNet, changes to scheduled sections should be submitted to Academic Scheduling via the Form A/B � Schedule Change Request form, which may be done via Campus Mail to Box 1047, by fax to Extension 3332, in person to Rendleman Hall Room 1207, or as an electronic attachment to academicscheduling@siue.edu. Two types of requests that do not require an A/B form are instructor changes and requests for room change. Departments are welcome to contact either Cindy Adams at Extension 5593, Joan Green at Extension 3087, or to send an email to academicscheduling@siue.edu for these types of changes.

The Office of the Registrar would like to remind members of the University community that it is designated as a Safe Zone. The designated ally in our office is Chris Leopold, Associate Registrar, and she may be reached at 650-2290, or by stopping in to Rendleman Hall, Room 1207 at any time.

Service Center
Normal business hours have resumed as follows:
    Monday 8-6
    Tuesday 8-4:30
    Wednesday 8-4:30
    Thursday 8-6
    Friday 8-4:30

Reclassification of Residency applications for Spring 2013 are due February 18, 2013.

Career Development Center

Fall 2012 Overview
- 158 students participated in our Co-op/Internship program in the fall term. These students earned a total of $772, 949.38.
- Nearly 600 students participated in an On-Campus Interview through the CDC
- 762 students and 152 employers participated in a fall career fair
- An updated Co-op/Internship wage report was sent to School of Business at the request of the Dean
- An updated Co-op wage report was sent to the School of Engineering for their Academic Excellence Day
- We tracked student use of CDC services for 250 School of Business and 70 School of Engineering students
- 1581 resume contacts were made by CDC staff
- 1220 individual student appointments were conducted by CDC staff
- 65 presentations with 1957 attendees were done by CDC staff
- A Co-op/Internship video and marketing project was begun to be completed in spring 2013

Upcoming Spring 2013 Events
- Mock Networking � February 6
- Education Fair � February 26
- Career Network � February 26 (CAS and Business) and 27 (Engineering)
- Employer Panel � March 13
- Professional Attire and Dining Etiquette � March 20
- Mock Interview Day � April 2

Office of Admissions

A welcome to Carolyn McCall, Office Support Associate, to the Office of Admissions. Carolyn is an alumna of SIUE with a master of music in violin performance. She will serve as the �first impression� for all visitors to the Office of Admissions.

A welcome to Angela Heinz to the Review and Processing unit. Angela will assist both the graduate and international application processing.

A welcome to student intern Caitlin Lockhart ’13 for the spring semester. Caitlin will assist the Office with the coordination of group tours to campus and will be trained to handle some responsibilities of an admission counselor.

Selected and awarded academic scholarships to 2,300 potential incoming freshmen and transfers. A �thanks� to the Office of Financial Aid for helping to distribute and track these award recipients and to the Admission Counselors for making congratulatory calls to the recipients.

Coordinated and completed 10 on-site admission programs to where we saw more than 450 students. Included are photos from Edwardsville High School to where we saw a total of 107 students, an 88% increase from the previous year. Photo 1 Photo 2

Gina Williams presented the �SIUE Guiding the Excellence� award to Aurora Diaz from Gwendolyn Brooks High School. Aurora was unable to attend the New Freshmen Convocation program in August. Photo

Hosted 2 Preview SIUE programs to where we welcomed over 1019 and more than 2600 total guests to campus. A special thanks to the entire SIUE community and in particular the Preview SIUE planning committee for their support to this most important campus wide initiative each fall.

For the first time, SIUE hosted �Explore Academic Excellence� programs (formerly Open House programs) in the fall term. In addition, SIUE hosted the first ever Fine and Performing Arts program for prospective students interested in Art, Music, and Theatre and Dance. A special thanks to the School of Engineering, School of Pharmacy, and College of Arts and Sciences (in particular the chairs of Art, Music, and Theatre and Dance as well as Dean Romero) for their time and effort in planning these programs and to the New Student and Campus Visit Programs staff in the Office of Admissions for their effort in expanding our fall visit opportunities for prospective students.
School of Pharmacy Explore Photo
Fine and Performing Arts Explore Photo

Admission Counseling staff continued fall travels to where they visited numerous high schools; community colleges; and various college fair programs (more than 200). In addition to their travels for staff, and in their �spare time� staff assisted with various other efforts such as college night programs, providing their expertise in sharing knowledge about the college process to students and family members. One staff member, Jennifer Coomer (Admission Counselor) even took time between her regular scheduled visits to meet with a group of young students to discuss the college process at Riverton Elementary in Riverton, IL. Photo 1 Photo 2

The Office of Admissions, in partnership with the Registrar�s Office (Transfer Center) and numerous individuals from each of the schools and colleges hosted the annual Community College Conference to where 49 advisors came to campus on Thursday, October 11, 2012. These individuals represented schools from all over Illinois as well as the St. Louis metro region. Special thanks to all who helped make this event a success, including Chancellor Furst-Bowe for her opening remarks.

Upcoming Deadlines:
Summer 2013 application deadlines:
Domestic Undergraduate and Graduate - April 19, 2013
Fall 2013 Application (freshmen) - May 1, 2013
Fall 2013 Springboard to Success deadline (freshmen) - May 1, 2013
Fall 2013 application (transfer and graduate) - July 26, 2013

Upcoming Dates:
Meridian Scholars Day - February 15, 2013
Explore Academic Excellence programs (formerly open house programs)
    School of Nursing - February 16, 2013
    School of Business - March 16, 2013
    School of Education, Health and Human Behavior - April 6, 2013
I-55 Chicago Area Bus Tour - February 17-18, 2013
Springboard programs begin - May 23 through June

Financial Aid

Rebecca Wayne, Chief Clerk, started in the Financial Aid Office on December 17th.

Our front lobby was redesigned in December, please drop by to take a look!

We had security training with Sgt. Lisa Johnson last week.

FAFSA priority filing date for 13-14 is March 1.

We have received 15,961 FAFSAs for 12-13.

School of Education/OCECA

The name of our advising office will be changing from �School of Education, Health and Human Behavior Office of Clinical Experience, Certification, and Advisement� to �School of Education Student Services.�

Students may now use ACT scores that are up to 10 years old (previously only scores up to 5 years old were eligible) be substituted for a passing score on the Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly the �Basic Skills Test�) for admission into the Teacher Education Programs. Students must document a composite score of 22 or higher on the ACT plus Writing (or SAT combined score of 1030) from up to ten years prior to admission into the program, for eligibility.

Engineering Student Services

Summer/Fall 2013 Early Advisement begins Monday, February 11, 2013. The advisement schedule is available on the Engineering Student Services website.

Probation students are currently meeting with their advisors before advisement for Summer/Fall begins.

The School of Engineering Annual Awards Banquet will be held on Thursday, February 21, 2013. Presidents from colleges that we currently have 2+2 agreements with will be in attendance.