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Determining Course Equivalency
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Once a student has been accepted to the University, a general transcript evaluation is performed to determine course equivalency for general education and general engineering courses. Then, when the student declares Engineering as his or her major, the transcript is sent to Student Services in the School of Engineering for an in-depth evaluation, including higher engineering course equivalencies. Finally, the student is sent a letter regarding the results of the evaluation, and he or she is assigned to an advisor.

Determining Course Equivalency

To determine how courses from another university will transfer to SIUE, use the transfer guides below. Students with questions regarding transfer credit or course equivalencies not listed should consult Student Services or their advisor.

Illinois Articulation Initiative Transfer Program

The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) helps students attending any participating Illinois university or community college to determine course equivalencies for both general studies and discipline specific courses which are articulated by the various IAI panels. A student who completes an Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree will have met the basic skills, humanities/fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences/mathematics general studies requirements of any Illinois four-year institution. These degrees include all diversity and constitution requirements, but do not include the one course interdisciplinary study requirement at SIUE. Most discipline specific programs require courses that can also count as general studies courses, so a student must choose general studies courses at their community college carefully. For example, pre-engineering students need to take Macro and Micro Economics, which are two courses that meet an introductory and an advanced social sciences requirement as well. And, of course they also need to take calculus thru differential equations, general chemistry with a laboratory, and two calculus based physics courses with laboratories, which more than meet the natural sciences/mathematics requirements. Below are two important URLs that will help you determine your own transfer program to SIUE:

College Credit Transfer

The Registrar's office also maintains a list of community college course offerings and SIUE course equivalencies in spreadsheet form. These can be accessed directly at the Registrar's site or by clicking here.

3+2 Illinois College Agreement

Students participating in this agreement with Illinois College will qualify for Bachelors of Science degrees from both schools.

For more information students should contact their advisor.

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