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Faculty Mentors

CE | CS | CNST | ECE | IE | ME

Civil Engineering

Dr. Jim Zhou
Dr. Ahiablame Laurent
Environmental/Water Resources

Dr. Abdolreza Osouli
Brent Vaughn

Dr. Brad Cross
Dr. Nader Paanahshahi
Dr. Jianwei Huang

Dr. Ryan Fries

Computer Science

Dr. Dennis Bouvier 
Visual Analytics, Data Mining, Computing Education

Dr. Igor Crk 
Operating systems, distributed systems, human-computer interaction, energy-efficiency

Dr. Gunes Ercal 
Theory and Algorithms; Networks; Women in Engineering

Dr. Hiroshi Fujinoki 
Computer networks, information security, computer architecture and organization, and operating systems

Dr. Gary Mayer 
Robotics, Modeling & Simulation, and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Mark McKenney 
Databases, Spatial Databases, Big data techniques, High performance computing, GPU computing

Dr. Jerry Weinberg
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction, and Usability

Dr. William White
Computer Graphics

Dr. Xudong Yu
Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining

Construction Management

Dr. Marcelo Azambuja
Janelle Kozsidy’s advisees

Dr. Anne Werner
Niya Bond’s advisees

Dr. Xing Su
Alpona Simmons’ advisees

Dr. Mark Grinter
All students with construction internship questions

Dr. Chris Gordon
PIECES students and Meridian students

David Sherrill
All land surveying specialization students

Electrical & Computer Engineering 

Dr. Oktay Alkin
Signal processing and communications, medical imaging, wireless sensor networks

Dr. Jen-Shiun Chen
Analog and digital communication systems, radar systems

Dr. George Engel
Analog and digital electronics, VLSI design, automated design, fabrication tools

Dr. Robert LeAnder
Bioengineering, bioelectromagnetics, field potentials from microelectrode arrays in retinal implants

Dr. Andy Lozowski
Analog and digital electronics, power electronics, RF design

Mr. Steve Muren
Computer architecture, embedded controllers, ECE labs, solar car

Dr. Brad Noble
Computer networks, network protocols and security

Dr. Ying Shang
Control systems, hybrid systems, discrete event systems, network calculus, robotics

Dr. Scott Smith
Computer architecture and design, multimedia applications, virtual reality

Dr. Scott Umbaugh
Computer vision and image processing, artificial intelligence and expert systems, biomedical applications

Dr. Xin Wang
Power systems and power electronics, control systems

Industrial Engineering  

Dr. Sohyung Cho

Dr. Xin Chen
Operations Research

Dr. Emanuel Eneyo
Production Planning/Eng Management

Dr. Hoo Sang Ko
IT Applications Computer Simulations

Dr. Cem Karacal

Dr. Felix Lee

Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Serdar Celik
Green Roofs; Refrigeration; Solar Energy

Dr. Jeff Darabi
BioMEMS; microfluidics; Micro/Nano-fabrications; thermal systems; Energy conversion and storage

Dr. Jenna Gorlewicz
Mechatronic; Haptic Devices; Human-Machine Collaboration;Robotic systems; engineering education

Dr. Keqin Gu
Robust Control, Robotics, and Timed Delayed Systems; Nonlinear Dynamics

Dr. Ryan Krauss
Mechatronics; Robotics and Applied Control; Impact Dynamics/Automotive Safety

Dr. Soondo Kweon
Fracture Mechanics; Computational Dynamics; Plasticity; Damage Model

Dr. Albert Luo
Nonlinear Dynamics; Vibrations; Nonlinear Continuous Mechanics; Damage Mechanics

Dr. Majid Molki
Electrohydrodynamics; Electronics Cooling; Thermal and Fluids Engineering; CFD

Dr. Fengxia Wang
Multi-Body and Structural Dynamics; Vibration; Impact Systems; Noise and Control

Dr. Terry Yan
Fluid mechanics and heat transfer; Experimental techniques; Turbulence measurements