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Senior Assignment

Senior Assignment projects not only help our students gain practical, real world experience, they also have the opportunity to improve the quality of life for people around the world. Read about how one student's Senior Assignment project took him to Honduras.

The Senior Assignment is the culminating undergraduate experience at SIUE. Designed by faculty in each department or program, senior assignments integrate general education capabilities along with competencies of the major area of study. All seniors must successfully complete a senior assignment to receive a baccalaureate degree from SIUE.

Although senior assignments may have similar characteristics, including public presentation of the students' work, they are unique to each program. Thus, in art and design studio classes, students create works of art and produce an artist's statement on their body of work. They then plan, design, promote and implement a formal display of their artwork in a public showing. In mechanical engineering, students spend a semester researching, outlining and planning a specific design project. They spend the next semester implementing and developing these projects, along with writing technical reports and giving oral presentations that are evaluated by a panel of industry professionals.

SIUE's Senior Assignment program is nationally recognized. It was noted as a "Principle in Practice" in College Learning for the New Global Century, published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities in 2007. SIUE was recognized for the fifth consecutive year by U.S.News & World Report for having an outstanding senior capstone experience in its publication "America's Best Colleges 2009."

For individual department Senior Assignment descriptions or more information, please visit the University's Office of Assessment.

Partnership Opportunities
Please contact School of Engineering department chairs if you are interested in partnering with our students on their senior assignment projects.

Brad Cross, Civil Engineering
Dennis Bouvier, Computer Science
Mark Grinter, Construction
Ying Shang, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sohyung Cho, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Majid Molki, Mechanical Engineering

Senior Assignment Spotlight

green bike

Students Build "Green" Motorcycle
Mechanical engineering students Ronak Desai, Philip McAndrews, Chad Pike and Andre Stunson designed a "Green Bike" for their senior design project. "We wanted to create a vehicle that would bridge the gap between high performance and renewable fuel sources," the team said. "We were thinking outside the box."

The extraordinary determination and commitment to this project is easily evident, as the team used $4,200 of their own money to complete the bike.

About the Green Bike

  • 11-feet, 8-inch-long motorcycle
  • Runs on B99 Biodiesel
  • Soy-based fuel
  • Produces 78 percent less emissions than standard diesel

The team began the project by first selecting an engine to build the bike around. They were fortunate enough to find a six-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine in a 1984 Lincoln Mark 7 on Craig's List. The frame was then designed to be as small as possible while accommodating the size of the engine using SolidWorks, a computer design program the team learned to use on their own. They used AISI 1026 mild steel in the frame and body fabrication. In keeping with the "Green" theme, the team used "John Deere Green" paint for the finishing touches.

The team designed the bike to reach an astounding 150 mph. They hope to break the current World Record of 130.614 mph for a Biodiesel powered motorcycle-team member Andre Stunson plans to race the bike during Speed Week in Bonneville, Utah, in summer 2010.

Team members are excited to be finished with college and are looking for employment in any area of mechanical engineering, especially automotive engineering. Ryan Krauss, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and senior design instructor, was impressed by the effort and determination of the group: "This was an extremely ambitious project. I originally tried to talk them into scaling it down somehow. They put an astounding amount of work into this."

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