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PhD Program Overview

Steps to successful completion of the PhD Degree

The time required to complete the requirements of the PhD degree varies from individual to individual, though the average completion time is four years. The steps involved in successful completion of the program are listed below:

  1. Obtain admission to the program. Application Information
  2. Student meets with the Initial Faculty Advisor that was assigned to them at the time of application.
  3. A permanent academic advisor is appointed within the first or second semester of study based on the student's area of interest.
  4. Student completes the core and concentration courses.
  5. A PhD Committee chaired by the academic advisor is established. The examination committee consists of at least three faculty members.  It includes the student's academic advisor and at least one additional member from each of the two campuses. Candidacy Exam Committee Form
  6. Student takes the candidacy (qualifying) exam. The first part of the exam is in written format, and it is followed by an oral exam administered within two weeks after the written exam. Following the grading process, the academic advisor reports the results of the candidacy (qualifying) exam to the Associate Dean for Research and Development. If the student is successful, the exam results are sent to the Engineering Science Ph.D. program office at SIUC to obtain candidacy status through the SIUC Graduate School. Candidacy Exam Results Form | Candidacy Admission Form
  7. A Ph.D. committee is formed. Committee is comprised of at least six faculty members: three graduate faculty from SIUE and three graduate faculty from SIUC, including a chair from SIUE and a co-chair from SIUC. Graduate Faculty Committee Approval Form
  8. Student defends the dissertation proposal. The academic advisor sends the Dissertation Proposal Approval Form and a copy of the proposal to the Associate Dean for Research and Development to be forwarded to the Engineering Science Ph.D. program office at SIUC. Dissertation Proposal Approval Form
  9. Student defends dissertation. Oral Dissertation Form is completed and forwarded to the Associate Dean for Research and Development to be forwarded to the Engineering Science Ph.D. program office at SIUC.  (This form, and the Dissertation Approval Form, must be printed on 25% cotton fiber paper). Oral Dissertation Form | Dissertation Approval Form | Graduation Application
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