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Dr. Jenna Gorlewicz

Dr. Jenna Gorlewicz - Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
School of Engineering
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL 62026-1805
Room: EB2061
Tel: (618)650-2393

  • Ph.D. 2013 Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt University Dissertation: The Efficacy of Surface Haptics and Force Feedback in Education Advisor: Dr. Robert J. Webster III

  • B.S. 2008 Mechanical Engineering, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Summa Cum Laude, Departmental Honors, Minors in Physics and Mathematics

Research Interests

  • Electromechanical design, modeling and control, haptic interfaces, human-machine interfaces, medical systems, image-guided surgery, mobile and legged medical robots, biosensors, medical devices, educational haptic devices and robots, novel learning technologies, haptic touchscreens, engineering education
  • IMeHRS Lab Website

Select Publications 

  • J. L. Gorlewicz, S. Battaglia, B. F. Smith, G. Ciuti, J. Gerding, A. Menciassi, K. L. Obstein, P. Valdastri, and R. J. Webster III. Wireless insufflation of the gastrointestinal tract. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 60(5), 1225-1233, 2013.

  • J. L. Gorlewicz, L. B. Kratchman, and R. J. Webster III. Haptic paddle enhancements and a formal assessment of student learning in system dynamics. Advances in Engineering Education, 2013. [Submitted].

  • J. L. Gorlewicz, J. Burgner, T. J. Withrow, and R. J. Webster III. Initial experiences using vibratory touchscreens to display graphical math concepts to students with blindness. Journal of Special Education Technology, 2012. [Submitted].

  • J. L. Gorlewicz, K. D. Frampton, S. S. A. Hamid, and R. J. Webster III. Modeling and experimental validation of variable friction touchscreens. IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 2013. [In preparation to be submitted].

  • J. L. Toennies, G. Tortora, M. Simi, P. Valdastri, and R. J.Webster III. Swallowable medical devices for diagnosis and surgery: The state of the art. Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 224(C7):1397-1414, 2010.

  • A. Danilchenko, R. Balachandran, J. L. Toennies, S. Baron, B. Munske, J. M. Fitzpatrick, T. J. Withrow, R. J. Webster III, and R. F. Labadie. Robotic mastoidectomy. Otology and Neurotology, 32(1):11-16, 2010.S. Baron, H. Eilers, B. Munske,

  • J. L. Toennies, R. Balachandran, R. F. Labadie, T. Ortmaier, and R. J. Webster III. Percutaneous inner-ear access via an image-guided industrial robot system. Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 224(5):633-649, 2010.

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