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Self-Powered Wireless Sensor and Wireless Data Transmission via Micro-Scale Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting based on Frequency-up-Conversion

The modern advances in wireless technology and low-power electronics such as MEMS devices have drawn a surge of research in self-powered wireless sensor and self-powered data transformation due to the recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology progressing. Despite the great amount of research over the last decade, few reports are available on the commercialization of self-powered wireless sensor networks, mainly because the harvested energy is not adequate to continuously power large data transmission. This project applies bistable induced frequency-up-conversion technique and discontinuous dynamics theory to develop a micro scale piezoelectric device to retrieve energy with high efficiency from low frequency vibration source. This micro-electro energy harvester is composed of a clamped bistable silicon slender bridge, magnets, proof mass, and a piezoelectric cantilever harvester attached to the slender bridge. Analytical and experimental study of the piezoelectric wafer, the bistable slender bridge, and the integrated device will be conducted. This final design will be validated by comparing analytical results with data obtained through experiments. The success of this research will become a milestone to the validation of self-powered wireless sensor and wireless data transmission in field-deployment. The proposed research will draw interest from industries such as aircrafts, railroads, oil drilling, robots, and AI systems

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