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The Electric Machinery and Power Systems Laboratory

(under the direction of Dr. Xin Wang)

    The Electric Machinery and Power Systems Laboratory is equipped with various motors, generators, and measurement equipment. The measurement equipment includes the standard equipment such as volt and amp meters, tachometers, dynamometers, along with computer assisted electro-mechanical data acquisition systems which provide more accurate and real-time observations. It is equipped with various DC generators and motors, AC single and three phase motors and generators, and AC single and three phase transformers, dynamometers, tachometers, harmonic analyzers, adjustable speed drive inverters, etc. All workstations are installed with ANSYS, PowerWorld, MATLAB/Simulink with all toolboxes including SimPowerSystems, etc.

    All the equipment is functionally similar to the majority of equipment used in production systems. This allows the students to simulate the operation of extremely large motors without actually needing to have 20,000 horse-power machines on hand.

    Research and development in the Electric Machinery and Power Systems Lab include:

  • Advanced AC Motors Control with Texas Instrument DSP
  • Advanced AC Motors Control with FPGA
  • Analysis, Modeling and Design of Electric Machinery
  • Power Electronics and Control for Wind and PV Energy Generation and Distribution Systems
  • Power System Design and Analysis
  • Hybrid Vehicle Modeling, Design and Control
  • Optimization and Control for Next Generation Electrical Power Systems: Smart Grid and Micro-grid

    Courses in Electric Machinery and Power Systems Lab at SIUE:

  • ECE 341 Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • ECE 445 Power Distribution System
  • ECE 446 Power System Analysis
  • ECE 595 Master Project
  • ECE 599 Master Thesis


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