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Computer Vision and Image Processing Lab

(Under the guidance of  Dr. Scott E Umbaugh)

The Computer Vision and Image Processing Laboratory (CVIP Lab) is a state-of-the-art facility with 13 workstations as well as an LCD projector, scanners, cameras and controlled lighting image digitizing stations.

A major research tool of the CVIP Lab is CVIPtools, a program with over 20 years of development history and thousands of users around the world. It offers the experienced and new user alike the opportunity to experiment with computer imaging in an easy-to-use GUI-based environment.

Active research contributes to the excellence of the CVIPtools program, which is under continuing development at SIUE.

Research and development in the CVIP Lab:

  • CVIPtools development
  • Analysis of thermographic veterinary images: Intervertebral disc disease
  • Analysis of thermographic veterinary images: Feline hyperthyroidism
  • Analysis of thermographic veterinary images: Temperature normalization, Chiari malformation (COMS)
  • Automated defect detection in microdisplay chips
  • Automated inspection and grading of lumber bundles
  • Computer-aided diagnosis system for pigmented skin lesions
  • Skin tumor image classification using texture and relative color
  • Color image segmentation algorithm development
  • Wavelet/vector quantization image compression
  • Deformable templates applied to skin tumor border finding
  • Helicopter image enhancement
  • High-speed film image enhancement
  • New Border Images

Research funded by Long Island Veterinary Specialists, Krewson Reaching Equipment Company, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, the National Institutes of Health, Camber Corporation, System Dynamics International, Stoecker & Associates, Stealth Technologies, the Department of Defense, Westar Corporation, River City Software.

Courses in CVIP at SIUE:

• ECE 438 Image Analysis and Computer Vision

• ECE 439 Digital Image Processing

• ECE 538 Image Analysis and Computer Vision II

• ECE 539 Digital Image Processing II






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