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Software Downloads

Instructional Software

These programs are intended for undergraduate engineering students taking courses in statics, mechanics of solids, machine design, or related topics. They are also suitable for independent study or review.

VandM (Shear and bending-moment diagrams)

VandM (V = shear, and M = moment) is a computer program designed to provide practice in constructing shear and bending moment diagrams.  Download.

Stress Transformation (Two-dimensional stress transformation and Mohr's Circle)

Stress Transformation is a computer program designed to provide practice in applying the equations of two-dimensional stress transformation and Mohr's Circle to find principal stresses, maximum in-plane shearing stresses and the planes upon which the stresses act.  For a description of the approach taken in the program, see Rossow, M.P., "An Interactive Program for Teaching Stress Transformation With Mohr's Circle;" Computers in Education Journal, Vol., VI, No. 4, Oct.-Dec.1996, pp. 42-46; and Rossow, M.P., "The Mohr's Circle Suite of Programs,"   Computers in Education Journal, Vol. VII, No. 3, July-Sept. 1997, pp. 37-42.  Download.

Application (non-instructional) Software

WinTri (Trilateration Data Reduction)

WinTri (Win = Windows, and Tri = Trilateration) is a computer program that accepts trilateration survey data and calculates the corresponding coordinates of survey points.  WinTri contains extensive error checking of the input data and provides detailed messages when errors are found.  For further help in locating errors, the program offers the possibility of printing out the results of intermediate calculations.

WinTri was initially developed for the Geotechnical Branch of the St. Louis District of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and has been tailored to fit the formats of the Geotechnical Branch's input survey-data and output (to a database program).  Other prospective users of the program may either (1) change the format of their survey data to match that used by WinTri, or (2) modify the source code of WinTri to accept their survey data in its original format and to produce output in a newly specified format.  WinTri is written in Visual Basic and was designed to allow the source code that handles input and output to be modified relatively easily. 

The source code, setup file, and sample input data are provided in a compressed file.  Download.  

Questions about the programs may be directed to

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