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Civil Engineering Faculty and Staff

Ryan Fries, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor and Chair of Civil Engineering

R Fries


Phone: 618-650-5026

Office: EB2045

Transportation Engineering: Intelligent Transportation Systems

Degree: Ph. D., Clemson University

Brad Cross, Ph. D., P.E., S.E., Professor 

B Cross


Phone: 618-650-2648

Office: EB2057

Structural Engineering: Historic Preservation, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Dynamics, and Computational Mechanics

Degree: Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University

Rohan Benjankar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

image of Rohan Benjankar


Phone: 618-650-2814

Office: EB2062

Water Resources Engineering and Management: Interaction between Hydraulics, Hydrology and Ecosystems

Degree: Ph. D., University of Idaho

Jianwei Huang
, Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director

J Huang


Phone: 618-650-2498

Office: EB3170

Structural Engineering

Degree: Ph. D., Syracuse University

Susan Morgan
, Ph.D., P.E., Professor

Susan Morgan

Phone: 618-650-2171

Office: RH2210

Environmental Engineering, Pollution Prevention, Waste Management, Green Roofs

Degree: Ph. D., Clemson University

Abdolreza Osouli
, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor

A Osouli  

Phone: 618-650-2816

Office: EB2049

Geotechnical Engineering

Degree: Ph. D., University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Nader Panahshahi
, Ph.D., Professor

N Panahshahi

Phone: 618-650-2819

Office: EB2047

Structural Engineering:Reinforced Concrete Structures, Earthquake Resistant Design, Structural Dynamics

Degree: Ph. D., Cornell University

Yan Qi
, Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor

Yan Qi        

Phone: 618-650-2815

Office: EB2048

Transportation Engineering

Degree: Ph. D., Louisiana State University

Jianpeng (Jim) Zhou
, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, Professor 

J Zhou     

Phone: 618-650-3221

Office: EB3024

Environmental Engineering, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Biosolids Management, Municipal Engineering

Degree: Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Joy Tedford, Office Support Specialist

Joy Tedford

Phone: 618-650-2533

Office: EB2056

Brent Vaughn, P.E., Laboratory Specialist and Lecturer

B Vaughn 

Phone: 618-650-3533

Office: EB2051

Materials Testing, Geotechnical Engineering, Instrumentation

Degree: M.S., Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Laurent Ahiablame, Ph.D., Purdue University; Watershed Hydrology

Meiwu An, P.E., Ph.D., University of Kentucky; Transportation Engineering

Isam Al-Yaseri, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University; Environmental Engineering, LifeCycle Assessment, Uncertainty Analysis

Kip Chepkoit, P.E., Ph.D., University of Maryland; Geotechnical Engineering

Jason (Jay) Christians, M.S., Pavement Design

Tom Cissell, P.E., M.S.; SIUE, Transportation Engineering

Hani Hanna, P.E., M.S.; SIUE, Structural Engineering

Rex Pierce, M.B.A.; Computer Applications

Theodore Pruess, P.E., M.S.; SIUE, Timber and Masonry Structures

Dustin Riechmann, P.E., M.S.; SIUE, Transportation Engineering

Anna Saindon, Ph.D., Missouri University of Science & Technology; Geological Engineering

David Sherrill, P.L.S., B.S.; Engineering Graphics and Surveying

Stephanie Spann, P.E., M.S.; Structural Engineering

Randy Vehaus, P.E., B.S., M.B.A.; Transportation Engineering

Michael Williamson, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University; Transportation Engineering

Siavash Zamiran, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University; Geotechnical Engineering

Huaguo Zhou, P.E., Ph.D., University of South Florida; Transportation Engineering

Emeritus Faculty

Colby Ardis

Harlan Bengtson

Daniel Cote

Harry Duffey

Steven Hanna

Alfred Korn

Chiang Lin

Rex Pierce

Mark Rossow

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