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Ernest Schusky

has written four novels since his retirement in 1993. The first, Journey to the Sun, describes life at Cahokia Mounds around 1,000 A.D. The novel emphasizes the diversity of North American cultures and languages prior to European invasion. The second novel, Ride the Whirlwind, is an account of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. The Revolt was the most successful uprising of North American Indians, driving the Spanish from New Mexico and keeping the invaders out for twelve years. Ernie then wrote Return to Beauty which begins on the Spanish-Navajo frontier of 1820 to introduce the topic of Navajo, or Dinee, slavery of women and children and lastly, Too Many Miracles, set in the contemporary Mexican highlands.

Bill Hamrick
was an invited keynote speaker at a conference celebrating the centenary of the birth of a twentieth-century philosopher, Maurice Merleau-Ponty. The conference took place in March, 2008, in Sofia, Bulgaria, and he has been invited to return to Sofia in June 2009 to be a keynote speaker at a conference dedicated to process philosophy and ontology. In addition, Bill recently published "Phenomenology and Metaphysics" in the Handbook on Whiteheadian Process Thought, and is currently finishing the last chapter of a book manuscript on a philosophy of nature from the perspectives of Merleau-Ponty and Alfred North Whitehead. Bill is also co-editor for a special issue of the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology dedicated to Edmund Husserl's unpublished manuscripts on time-consciousness.

Pat Goehe
has been living in Santa Fe, NM, for twelve years. In the last six, she has worked as mentor to adults in an alternative licensure program for teaching . Pat is also working as adjunct faculty at SFCC.

Chungwu Ho
retired from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in July, 2000. Chungwu decided to teach full time again. He is a faculty member at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, CA. In the past few years, he has coached four students to present papers in student mathematics conferences, which were jointly sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America and Sonoma State University. He has also published several poems in a local literary magazine, Leaf by Leaf, along with three mathematics papers.
He is now the grandfather of two boys and a girl with another girl on the way. Chungwu has been accompanying his wife, who performs with the Chinese opera, singing with the Chinese musical instrument, Chinghu.

Deipica Bagchi
has recently donned the mantle of President of the new NGO, Women and Environment, championing the cause of ban on plastics and protection of the town's Green Cover. She is also the founder member and treasurer of the Bhopal Citizens Forum which is a group of people from various backgrounds acting as a pressure group to steer decision making into long term goals and larger good.

John Richardson
Has been staying productive throughout his retirement. In 1998, he published a scholarly work, "From Pure Visibility of Virtual Reality in an Age of Estrangement" which was part of a series of books on "Critical Perspectives on Culture and Society," a joint USA/UK venture. More recently, in 2004, John wrote a novel, Along a Far Horizon, that is largely autobiographical. Set in Northeastern Wyoming during the last years of the Great Depression, it is a tale of racist murders and political intrigue. John has done a number of book reviews, all of them for the Journal of Aesthetic Education. John and his wife Glenda are in good health. They now live in Bangor, ME, surprisingly, four doors up from a fellow named Stephen King! Their dog attacked him while on his daily walk but, Mr. King was the one who profusely apologized- go figure.

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