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Life Threatening Emergency
Dial 911

Non-emergency requests for University Police Assistance or Dispatch:

SIUE Campus: 650.3324
Alton Campus: 463.3505
East St. Louis Campus: 874.8717

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SIUE Police Emergency Mgmt
& Safety
Annual Security Report

Medical Emergency

In case of serious injury or illness at the University, observe the following procedures:

  • Contact University Police by dialing 911.
  • Give your name, describe the nature and severity of the medical problem and the location of the victim. Provide as much information as possible regarding the nature of the injury or illness, whether or not the victim is conscious, etc.
  • Do not move the injured except for protection from further injury (i.e. fire, chemical hazard).
  • Stay with the victim until the police and ambulance arrive.
  • If blood is present, contact Facilities Management; do not attempt to clean the area yourself, as specialized handling is required.
  • Flush any chemical and/or fire burns with cold water or immerse the affected area in cold water if possible.
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