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Life Threatening Emergency
Dial 911

Non-emergency requests for University Police Assistance or Dispatch:

SIUE Campus: 650.3324
Alton Campus: 463.3505
East St. Louis Campus: 874.8717

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SIUE Police Emergency Mgmt
& Safety
Annual Security Report

Hazardous Materials/Spills

If a chemical or biohazardous material is spilled and unit personnel are not familiar with its properties, the unit manager or his or her designee should report the incident immediately to University Police providing as much information as possible. Unit personnel should make no attempt to contain or clean up the spill unless they are familiar with the chemical or biohazardous material and its properties. If toxic chemicals come into contact with your skin, immediately flush the affected area with clear water for at least 15 minutes. Use chemical showers if available.

Emergency Management and Safety will make arrangements for clean up of the spill, and, depending upon the nature of the chemical or biohazardous material involved, may order an evacuation of the site. Members of the University community located in the affected area must heed any such evacuation order, which may be coupled with the sounding of the building alarm.

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