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Life Threatening Emergency
Dial 911

Non-emergency requests for University Police Assistance or Dispatch:

SIUE Campus: 650.3324
Alton Campus: 463.3505
East St. Louis Campus: 874.8717

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SIUE Police Emergency Mgmt
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Annual Security Report


The University has written agreements with the Cities of Edwardsville, Alton and East St. Louis for assistance in the event of fire.

Anyone detecting smoke or fire in a building should:

  • Sound the nearest alarm.
  • Call University Police at 911. Give your name, department and location of the fire.
  • Initiate evacuation procedures:

When an alarm is sounded:

  • Assist persons with disabilities in evacuating the building.
  • Close the office or classroom door if you are the last person to leave.
  • Leave the building by using the nearest exit; do not use elevators.
  • If the alarm stops (alarms may not sound continuously), continue to evacuate. Warn others who may attempt to enter the building when the alarm is not sounding.
  • If the corridors or stairways are filled with smoke, or are extremely hot, remain in your room and keep the doors tightly closed. Go to the balcony or window to await rescue.
  • Once outdoors, move to a clear area at least 500 feet away from the building.
  • Keep roadways, fire lanes, hydrants and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews.
  • If you are asked and if you wish to do so, assist the emergency crews.
  • Unless University Police personnel direct you to an alternate location, you should report to the following facilities
    to await instructions:


  1. Morris University Center
  2. Lovejoy Library (if Morris University Center is included in the threat)

School of Dental Medicine

  1. Building 273, Administration/Student Union Building
  2. Building 279-lower level, Science Building (if Building 273 is included in the threat)

East St. Louis Higher Education Campus

  1. Building D
  2. Building B (if Building D is included in the threat)

From these locations, you will be advised when it is safe to re-enter the evacuated building.

Do not re-enter an evacuated site unless directed to do so by University Police.

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