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Beer, Wine, and Spirits 201 Register Here

Interest in Beer, Wine, and Spirits has experienced a revitalization as micro/craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries have skyrocketed in popularity. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville provides noncredit online courses and applied brewing methods laboratories for both Beginners and Professionals interested in all aspects of Beer, Wine and Spirits. 

There are two components to each course: an online, self-paced course and a lab. The online component of the course covers the theoretic knowledge of Beer, Wine, and Spirits. The Applied Brewing Methods Lab provides hands on experiences in the art and science of the brewing of beer, winemaking, and the production of spirits. Individuals do not have to be enrolled at SIUE in order to enroll in the course.

These courses are open to anyone 21 years of age or older.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Professors or Instructors teach all Fermentation School courses.  The bulk of the currently scheduled courses will be taught by Dr. Robert Dixon and Anthony Toenjes of the Department of Chemistry, but other industrial experts can and will be used.


Course Description:


Beer, Wine, & Spirits 201-This online course and hands on lab are designed for trained scientific/brewing professionals.  This course covers advanced topics of the technical and industrial approach to the art and science of Beer, Wine, and Spirits production.  The course is designed for the trained scientific/brewing professional and those professional interested in the commercialization and distribution of Beer, Wine, and Spirits.  The applied brewing methods lab will focus on advanced chemical/biochemical/microbiological quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) for the commercial production of Beer, Wine, and Spirits and any other Food and Beverage product.


Open enrollment for the BWS 201 online and laboratory class begins immediately with the course starting August 21 2017 and running to December 15 2017.


Those who are interested in taking the Beer, Wine, & Spirits 201 course should email Professor Dixon ( to discuss course materials, topics, and lab days and times.

Cost to Enroll on Beer, Wine, and Spirits Courses:

Online Course


Online Course + Hands-On Lab




These prices are all inclusive and include the lab equipment and usage for the Applied Brewing Methods Lab portion. A minimum of 6 students must be enrolled to offer the Lab. 

Questions about the course? Contact Bob Dixon at

Questions about enrollment? Contact Mary Ettling at








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