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Why Major in Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of thoughts, feelings and behavior. It is one of the most popular undergraduate majors across the country and prepares students for a variety of career paths. Professionals who majored in psychology are often in demand because they tend to have a strong understanding of human behavior and how it can be studied.

Psychology at SIUE

At SIUE, we offer a wide variety of classes at the undergraduate level in clinical, developmental, cognitive, social, biological, personality and industrial/organizational psychology. Our students gain a strong foundation in research methods and statistics. Students begin their coursework with a careers in psychology course, which is designed to introduce students to the major and to summarize graduate school and career options in psychology. The capstone in psychology course serves as the culminating experience for students during their senior year. Psychology students have many opportunities to get involved in field study and research to apply their skills outside the classroom.

Students receive extensive experience in critical thinking, research design, data analysis and presentation of research results in written and oral form. High school students are encouraged to develop a strong background in math (at least through algebra), science (especially biology), writing and computer use as preparation for the psychology program.

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Career Outlook

Students obtaining an undergraduate degree in psychology will find themselves well-prepared to pursue a variety of high-demand jobs. These jobs include positions in human resources, sales, research and mental health services. Many SIUE students earn graduate degrees in psychology, business, healthcare and other fields.


Click here for faculty contact information. You can also read what students say about SIUE's psychology professors.

Lynn E. Bartels, Ph.D.
1991, University of Akron

Danice L. Brown, Ph.D.
2008, Ohio State University

Catherine S. Daus, Ph.D.
1994, Purdue University

Michael G. Dudley, Ph.D.
2005, University of Kentucky

Gregory E. Everett, Ph.D.
2005, University of Southern Mississippi

Eva D. Ferguson, Ph.D.
Northwestern University

Stephen D.A. Hupp, Ph.D.
2002, Louisiana State University

Jeremy D. Jewell, Ph.D.
2001, University of Texas - Austin

Elizabeth L. W. McKenney, Ph.D.
2010, University of Florida

J. Thadeus Meeks, Ph.D.
2009, University of Georgia

Elizabeth J. Meinz, Ph.D.
1998, Georgia Institute of Technology

Joel T. Nadler, Ph.D.
2010, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Cynthia R. Nordstrom, Ph.D.
1991, Akron University

Laura A. Pawlow, Ph.D.
2002, University of Southern Mississippi

Patricia F. Pearson, Ph.D.
2004, Saint Louis University

Jonathan C. Pettibone, Ph.D.
2000, University of South Carolina

Andrew M. Pomerantz, Ph.D.
1996, Saint Louis University

Eunyoe Ro, Ph.D.
2010, University of Iowa

Paul Rose (Chair), Ph.D.
2003, State University of New York - Buffalo

Christopher B. Rosnick, Ph.D.
2005, University of South Florida

Daniel J. Segrist, Ph.D.
2000, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Mitsuru Shimizu, Ph.D.
2009, State University of New York - Buffalo

Susan L. Thomas, Ph.D.
1988, University of Missouri - Columbia

Faculty listing current as of May 2013.

Psychology Programs at SIUE

Undergraduate Programs

  • Psychology

Graduate Programs

  • Clinical Adult Psychology
  • Clinical Child and School Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Specialist Degree, School Psychology


Academic Advising

School of Education Student Services (Psychology Advising)
Campus Box 1062, SIUE
Edwardsville, IL 62025-1062
Phone: (618) 650‑3940


Dr. Dan Segrist, Program Director
Department of Psychology
Campus Box 1121, SIUE
Edwardsville, IL 62026-1121
Phone: (618) 650‑3159

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