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Psychology Undergraduate Program 

Psychology at SIUE

Undergraduate courses in psychology acquaint students with both the methods used and the knowledge gained by psychologists in their continuing efforts to understand mental processes and behavior. Students study basic psychological processes such as learning, cognition, and motivation; the development of behavior, personality, and coping skills from conception through old age; human interaction in social settings; and the effects of physical and psychological stress upon coping skills and mental health.

Psychology is both a scholarly scientific discipline which seeks to understand and explain behavior and an applied profession which seeks to alleviate psychological problems and enhance human potential.

Career Opportunities

Students obtaining an undergraduate degree in psychology will find themselves well-prepared to pursue a variety of careers in which basic knowledge of psychological processes is valuable, (e.g., personnel officers, laboratory technicians, sales or public relations specialists, customer services, suicide prevention workers, mental health or corrections workers, juvenile and youth services, child care workers, substance abuse counselors, statisticians and research analysts, and a variety of social service workers). Graduate training is required to become a licensed psychologist.


Stacey L. Adams, M.S.
2004, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Lynn E. Bartels, Ph.D.
1991, University of Akron

Catherine S. Daus, Ph.D.
1994, Purdue University

Michael G. Dudley, Ph.D.
2005, University of Kentucky

Gregory E. Everett, Ph.D.
2005, University of Southern Mississippi

Eva D. Ferguson, Ph.D.
Northwestern University

Stephen D.A. Hupp, Ph.D.
2002, Louisiana State University

Jeremy D. Jewell, Ph.D.
2001, University of Texas - Austin

Elizabeth L. W. McKenney, Ph.D.
2010, University of Florida

J. Thadeus Meeks, Ph.D.
2009, University of Georgia

Elizabeth J. Meinz, Ph.D.
1998, Georgia Institute of Technology

Jason Murphy, Ph.D.
2013, Saint Louis University

Joel T. Nadler, Ph.D.
2010, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Laura A. Pawlow, Ph.D.
2002, University of Southern Mississippi

Jonathan C. Pettibone, Ph.D.
2000, University of South Carolina

Andrew M. Pomerantz, Ph.D.
1996, Saint Louis University

Eunyoe Ro, Ph.D.
2010, University of Iowa

Paul Rose (Chair), Ph.D.
2003, State University of New York - Buffalo

Christopher B. Rosnick, Ph.D.
2005, University of South Florida

Daniel J. Segrist, Ph.D.
2000, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Mitsuru Shimizu, Ph.D.
2009, State University of New York - Buffalo

Faculty listing current as of January 2016.

Academic Advising

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Phone: (618) 650‑3940


Psychology Advising

Curriculum Information

Sample Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Curriculum
Sample 3-yr. Bachelor's Degree Curriculum

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