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The tutorials that appear below are PowerPoint (*.ppt) files with embedded audio. The embedded audio provides essential explanations. After you download and open the file (which may take a while--the files are large), there are two ways you can effectively view the slide show.

1. The first and best way is to view the slide show "from beginning" (in PowerPoint 2010, click the Slide Show tab and then click "From Beginning"). The audio should play automatically this way. When you hear "next slide" you can advance the slides with the right arrow on your keyboard and the audio in each slide should play automatically. If it doesn't, double clicking on the little speaker picture in the upper left corner of each slide should start the audio.

2. The second way to view the slide show is to leave it in normal view (in PowerPoint 2010, click the View tab and then click "Normal"). (When you first open a PowerPoint file, it usually opens in normal view.) If you view the slide show this way, you will only be able to hear the audio if you double-click on the little speaker picture in the upper left corner of each slide.

Tutorials now available:

More tutorials may be added in the future.

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