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Dr. Nadler's Recent Publications

Nadler, J. T., & Hannon, G. Y.* (2013). Self-Selected Social Identification Measure (SSIM): A survey assessing identity based on group membership. North American Journal of Psychology, 15, 425-446.

Nadler, J. T., Bartels. L. K., Sliter, K. A., Lowery, M. R., & Stockdale, M.S. (2013).  Research on the discrimination of marginalized employees: Fishing in other ponds?  Industrial Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 6, 66-70.

Stockdale, M. S., & Nadler, J. T. (2013). Paradigmatic assumptions to disciplinary research on gender disparities: The case of occupational sex segregation. Sex Roles, 68, 207-215.

Nadler, J. T., & Stockdale, M. S. (2012).  Workplace Gender Bias: Not Between Just Strangers.  North American Journal of Psychology, 14, 281-292. 

Nadler, J. T., Will, K., Lowery, M. R., Smith, K. (2012). Don’t ask, don’t tell and other LGB civil rights issues: Effects of terminology on public opinion.  Journal of Gay &
Lesbian Social Services, 24, 331-345.

Stockdale, M. S., & Nadler, J. T. (2012).  Situating sexual harassment in the broader context of interpersonal violence: Research, theory, and policy implications. Social
Issues and Policy Review (SIPR), 6, 148-176.

Doerner, J.*, Nadler, J. T., & Lowery, M. R. (2012). Sex Differences in Delaying Family: Effects on Job and Life Satisfaction. Psychology Research, 1, 444-452.

Nadler, J. T., & Clark, M. H.  (2011). Stereotype threat:  A meta-analysis comparing African Americans to Hispanic Americans. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 41,

Nadler, J. T. & Clark, M. H. (2011). Pre-class coming attractions: Interest and program awareness in the classroom. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 37, 332-336.

Lowery, M.R. & Nadler, J.T. (2011).  Increasing the legal defensibility of performance appraisals.  EEO Insight, 3, 1-5.

Cundiff, N. L., Nadler, J. T., & Scribner, S. (2011). Teaching evaluation: A student run consulting firm. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 23,

Nadler, J. T., Cundiff, N. L., Lowery, M. R., & Jackson, S.* (2010). Perceptions of organizational attractiveness: The differential relationships of various work schedule flexibility
programs. Management Research Review, 33, 865-876.

Nadler, J. T., & Cundiff, N.L. (2009). Applied Research Consultants (ARC): A vertical practicum model of training applied research. American Journal of Evaluation, 30, 592-

Starks, T.J., Nadler, J.T., Sagrestano, L.M. & Sarvela, P.D. (2009).  Examining discrepancies among sexual orientation components in a representative sample of men at risk
for HIV/AIDS.  Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health, 13, 234-252.

Cundiff, N. L., Nadler, J. T., & Swan, A. (2009). The influence of cultural empathy and gender on perceptions of diversity programs. Journal of Leadership and Organizational
Studies, 16, 97-110.

Nadler, J. T., & Lowery, M. R. (2009). Emotional expression, gender, personality, and workplace appropriate behaviors. In C. E. J. Härtel, N. M. Ashkanasy, & W. J. Zerbe
(Eds.) Research on emotion in organizations, Volume 5, Emotions in groups, organizations and cultures. Bingley, UK:  Emerald Publishing.

(*Denotes Student Author)

Book Chapters 

Nadler, J. T., Lowery, M. R., Stockdale, M. S. (2013). Sexual Harassment: Addressing the           Concerns of Targets, Employers and Accused Individuals. In M. Paludi’s (Ed), The       Psychology for Business Success. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

Stockdale, M.S., & Nadler, J. T. (2013). Occupational Sex Segregation: Ideologies that shape men’s and women’s employment patterns. In K. Thomas, V. Plaut, M. Tran’s (Eds), Diversity Ideologies in Organizations. NewYork: Routledge.

Stockdale, M.S., Berry, S., Nadler, J. T., Ohse, D., & Bhattacharya, G. (2013). Theoretical Advances in the Study of Sexual Harassment.  In R. Burke, S. Vinnicombe & S. Blake Beard (Eds.) Handbook of Research on Promoting Women’s Careers.  Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar.

Nadler, J. T., & Lowery, M. R. (2009). Emotional expression, gender, personality, and workplace appropriate behaviors. In C. E. J. Härtel, N. M. Ashkanasy, & W. J. Zerbe (Eds.) Research on emotion in organizations, Volume 5, Emotions in groups, organizations and cultures. Bingley, UK:  Emerald Publishing.

Dr. Nadler's CV

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