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Specialist Degree in School Psychology

Students who complete this program (after completing the clinical child and school psychology master's degree at SIUE) are eligible for licensure as school psychologists in Illinois.

School Psychology at SIUE

The specialist degree in school psychology provides advanced academic and professional training for students pursuing a career in school psychology. The program leads to licensure as a school psychologist in the State of Illinois and has been fully approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) since 1999. The course work, practica, and internship experiences have been designed to meet or exceed state and national professional standards for specialist degree programs in school psychology. This program is an extension of the existing master's degree in psychology with a specialization in clinical child and school psychology.

The specialist degree program is designed for students who have just completed the master's degree in clinical child and school psychology at SIUE. Admission to the specialist degree program is separate from admission to the master's program.

Unique Strengths of the SIUE Specialist Degree in School Psychology

The program has a number of unique strengths that allow it to stand out as a premier program in the nation, which include:

  • Practica begin immediately, during students’ first semester, and continues every following semester.
  • Ongoing partnerships with local school districts, Head Start, juvenile detention, and other local agencies
  • Breadth of training, including courses in prevention, psychotherapy, and crisis intervention
  • One of less than ten school psychology programs in the nation to include a course on autism assessment and intervention
  • Hosts two clinics unique to the St. Louis region, which are the Attention & Behavior Clinic (ABC) and the Comprehensive Autism Spectrum Evaluation (CASE) site
  • Program was established in 1970 and the Specialist Program in School Psychology has been continuously fully accredited by NASP since 1999
  • Students work closely with faculty to develop their own thesis or research project
  • Students commonly present research at the annual conferences of the National Association of School Psychologists, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, American Psychological Association, and other national organizations.
  • Students commonly coauthor research publications with program faculty. For a list of recent publications, click here.
  • Most importantly, you will learn from award-winning faculty!
    • Dr. Stephen Hupp received the SIUE Teaching Recognition Award in 2011.
    • Dr. Jeremy Jewell received the Mental Health Hero 2015 award from Wellspring Resources as well as the Vaughn Vandegrift Research Mentor award for the fall of 2012.
    • Dr. Elizabeth McKenney received the Extra Effort Award from Edwardsville School District 7 in 2014 and in 2013 received the Early Career Scholarship from the Trainers of School Psychologists.
    • In an analysis of publication productivity among school psychology faculty in all NASP-accredited, specialist-level programs (Laurent & Runia, 2016), Drs. Jewell and Hupp were ranked the 24th and 25th most productive researchers in the U.S.A.
    • In the same analysis (Laurent & Runia, 2016), SIUE's school psychology graduate program was ranked seventh in the nation in scholarly productivity.

Excellent Career Prospects

Due to a national shortage of school psychologists, job prospects are for students who complete the school specialist degree are outstanding.

Program Faculty

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How to Apply

After consulting with your faculty advisor, please visit the application information page for admission requirements and procedures.


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