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Robert Rubin, MA, PhD, Class of 1998

Bob graduated from our I-O program in 1998 and is currently a professor in the College of Commerce at DePaul University. If you would like to contact him, he can be reached by email at

My experience in the I-O program at SIUE truly established the foundation for my future success in the field. Although no graduate training program is entirely perfect, the program exceeded my expectations overall and continues to have a significant influence on my practice as an I-O psychologist. In particular, the I-O program has some distinct advantages regardless of career orientation and goals.

First and foremost, the faculty is highly competent, approachable and accessible. Disengaged, dispassionate or ill-equipped faculty is the rare exception, rather than the norm in the department. Second, the program offers a high degree of flexibility and personalization that provides the perfect balance between individual aspirations and required professional competency. Third, the quality of education is outstanding; on par with most any I-O graduate training program in the country. The program remains wholly faithful to the scientist-practitioner model. By the end of my first year, I felt qualified to contribute real work to an organization, complete meaningful research and see the complex ties between theory and practice. Fourth, the I-O program provides both structured and informal opportunities to practice. Through practica, applied and basic research projects, teaching opportunities and independent studies, the program introduces students to the diversity of I-O psychology in a variety of settings.