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Program Assumptions
The Clinical Child and School Psychology Program is based upon the philosophical assumptions of Community Psychology. These include:

1. Ecological perspective-The ecological approach emphasizes the relationship or fit between children and the demands of their environments rather than examining the characteristics of either of them in isolation.

2. Competency enhancement-Psychologists help others identify and build upon children's strengths and enhance their competencies rather than focus upon their deficits and pathology.

3. Prevention of dysfunction-Emphasis is placed upon the promotion of positive mental health and the prevention of psychopathology and academic failure.

4. Early identification and intervention-Assessment and intervention is initiated when problems are first observed. Interventions are designed to help the child build adaptive strength and coping skills that not only help in dealing with current crises, but also in dealing with future stressful situations.

5. Multiple targets of intervention-In using an ecological perspective, interventions are targeted to enhance the skills of the child to better meet the demand of his/her environment, change the demands of the environment, or a combination of the two. The object of intervention is to increase the "goodness-of-fit" between characteristics of the child and his/her environment, thus enhancing the possibility of success.

6. Multicultural perspective-Psychologists develop an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultural groups, their backgrounds, life-styles, and belief systems.

7. Collaboration/consultation-Provision of services is most effective when a team approach is utilized that involves the key members of the child's ecological system.
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