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Frequently-Used Forms

Instructions and forms for student and faculty travel are available on the shared drive at K:\Psychology\PSYC\Department Travel Guidelines

Non-University Employment Forms
Approval Request for Non-University Employment
Annual Report of Non-University Employment

Teaching Resources

Academic Calendar, Schedule and Banner Information (provides the academic calendar, class schedule and final exam schedule) (access Banner, submit grades, view class lists, etc.)

Department of Psychology Statistical Modules
Online tutorials covering various data analytic techniques are available on the statistical modules page.

Plagiarism-Checking and Proofreading Tools
The Turnitin feature in Blackboard can scan a paper submitted by either a student or a professor. (It can also be used outside of Blackboard, although this is less convenient.) After a few minutes of scanning, Turnitin will issue a report detailing similarities between a submitted paper and existing documents found either online or in a huge document database. The Department of Psychology also has a web page warning students about plagiarism.

Automated proofreaders seem to get better each year. For a free resource, provides surprisingly good feedback to authors.

Blackboard Information (log in to Blackboard) (access Blackboard training and support)

SIUE's Peer Consulting and Mentoring Program
Formerly known as the Excellence in Learning and Teaching Institute (or ELTI), the peer consulting and mentoring program (see provides opportunities to enhance teaching skills

SIUE's Center for Faculty Development and Innovation (provides workshops and presentations on teaching, research and service topics)

The IDEA Center (provides research papers and other resources on teaching excellence)

Stanford's Center for Teaching and Learning (provides documents on teaching)

Kennesaw State's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (provides numerous resources, including lists of teaching-related journals)

Society for the Teaching of Psychology (provides a variety of psychology-specific teaching resources)

Teaching Resources on the Shared Drive
Visit K:\Psychology\PSYC\Teaching Resources on the network drive for handouts, video clips, demonstrations and other resources which can be used in a variety of psychology classes

Books Available for Checkout in the Resource Center

Tutorials (SIUE Blackboard workshops) (tens of thousands of SPSS tutorials at

Research Resources

Design, Assessment Tools and Analysis (DATA) Consultants
The Department of Psychology DATA Consultants provide research design and statistical support for grant-related projects at SIUE as well as projects outside the university.

Participant Pools
SIUE Department of Psychology Participant Pool
Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Poster Printing Instructions
Please contact Production Services in ITS at 650-5500 or several days before you need a poster printed. There is normally no charge.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Information

Journal Information allows you to compare the impact of numerous scientific journals, including psychology journals. The PsycINFO Journal Coverage List lists all journals that are included in the PsycINFO database.

Questionnaire Collections
Thousands of full-text questionnaires are available in the Resource Center:

Online Survey Services

SIUE Internal (ORP) Grants

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