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Dr. Dan J. Segrist

Associate Professor 


Education: Ph.D., 2000
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Clinical Psychology

(618) 650-3159


Picture of Dr. Segrist

About Dr. Segrist

Dan J. Segrist, winner of an SIUE Teaching Recognition Award in 2009, received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2000 from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He completed his pre-doctoral internship at the Counseling Center of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. As an Associate Professor in the Clinical Psychology Graduate Program at SIUE he teaches Advanced Psychopathology and Adult Personality Assessment. At the undergraduate level he teaches Foundations of Psychology, Careers in Psychology, Psychopathology, and Theories of Personality. His primary research focus is on substance use, expectancies, and refusal among adolescents and college students. Additionally he has research interests in the teaching of psychology. He has co-authored articles that have been published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors and he has made presentations at national and regional conferences including the American Psychological Association, Best Practices in Teaching Introductory Psychology, and Midwest Institute for Students and Teachers of Psychology.

Mentoring Expertise

Dr. Segrist is available to mentor students interested in careers in the mental health field, graduate programs in clinical psychology, and careers in academia.

Representative Publications

  • Brown, D. L., Rosnick, C. B., & Segrist, D. J. (2016). Internalized Racial Oppression and Higher Education Values The Mediational Role of Academic Locus of Control Among College African American Men and Women. Journal of Black Psychology, 22, 1-23.
  • Brown, D. L., & Segrist, D. (2016). African American Career Aspirations Examining the Relative Influence of Internalized Racism. Journal of Career Development43(2), 177-189.
  • Rose, P., & Segrist, D. J. (2012). Difficulty identifying feelings, distress tolerance, and compulsive buying. Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 10(6), 927-935.

  • Segrist, D.J. (2011). Personnel recruiter for a day: Peer review of resumes. Experiential Activities for Teaching Career Counseling and for Facilitating Career Groups (Volume III), National Career Development Association.

  • Segrist, D.J. & Pettibone, J. (2009). Where's the bar? Perceptions of heavy and problem drinking among college students. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 53(1), 35-53.

  • Segrist, D.J. (2009). What's going on in your professor's head? Demonstrating the id, ego, and superego. Teaching of Psychology, 36, 51-54.

  • Jewell, J.D., Hupp, S.D., Segrist, D.J., Lider, R., McMurray, W., & Tintori, A.K. (2008).The effectiveness of virtual reality technology in preventing drinking and driving. In F. Columbus (Ed), Traffic Accident Causes and Outcomes. Nova Science Publishers.

  • Gregory, C., Pomerantz, A.M., Pettibone, J.C. & Segrist, D.J. (2008).The effect of psychologists' disclosure of personal religious background on prospective clients. Mental Health, Religion, and Culture, 11(4), 369-373.

  • Segrist, D.J. & Nordstrom, C.R. (2007). The scavenger hunt: Getting to know your psychology department. Teaching of Psychology, 34(2), 100-103.

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