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Dr. Laura A. Pawlow



Education: Ph.D., 2002
University of Southern Mississippi

Clinical Psychology

(618) 650-2608


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About Dr. Pawlow

Laura Pawlow, winner in 2009 of the Alumni Association's Great Teacher Award, received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. She completed her pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina. She is currently a Professor in the clinical psychology graduate program at SIUE and the university's Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities program Coordinator. Laura currently teaches Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the graduate level and Biological Psychology at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Her clinical interests are behavioral medicine and weight management and her research interests are overweight and obesity, gastric bypass surgery, psychoneuroimmunology, and issues regarding the teaching of psychology. Her work has been published in Biological Psychology, International Journal of Obesity, Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, Obesity Research, and Training and Education in Professional Psychology, and other journals in the field.

Mentoring Expertise

Dr. Pawlow is available to mentor students interested in careers in clinical psychology, health psychology, and neuropsychology.

Representative Publications

  • Pawlow, L.A. and Sleeper, K. (in press). Multifaceted Undergraduate Research Program Assessment Plan: Benefits, Challenges, and Utility. Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research, 1(3).
  • Pawlow, L.A., & Meinz, E.J. (in press). Comparing Psychology Undergraduate Researchers and Non-Researchers. Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research, 1(3).
  • Pawlow, L.A. & Meinz, E.J. (2017). Characteristics of psychology students who serve as research assistants. College Student Journal, 51(1), 77-80.
  • Hemrich, A., Pawlow, L., Pomerantz, A., & Segrist, D. (2014). Current versus ideal skin tones and tanning behaviors in Caucasian college women. Journal of American College Health, 62, 588-591.
  • Somers, A. D., Pomerantz, A. M., Meeks, J. T., & Pawlow, L. A. (2014). Should psychotherapists disclose their own psychological problems? Counselling and Psychotherapy Research,
    14, 249-255.
  • Pawlow, L. (2012). Other approaches in the treatment of night eating syndrome. In J. Lundgren, K. Allison, & A. Stunkard (eds), Night eating syndrome: definition, assessment, and treatment (pp. 266-281). New York, NY: Guilford Press.
  • Pawlow, L. & Retzlaff, W. (2012). How undergraduate researchers at SIUE have become change agents for sustainability issues. Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, 33, 28-32.
  • Haas, C., Pawlow, L., Pettibone, J., & Segrist, D. (2012). An intervention for the negative influence of media on body esteem. College Student Journal, 46, 405-418.
  • Pawlow, L. (2010). Standardized test and other criteria in admissions decisions: A classroom activity. Teaching of Psychology, 37, 190-192.
  • Pawlow, L., & Pomerantz, A. (2010). A Growing Application: Health Psychology. In A. Pomerantz (ed.), Clinical Psychology, 2nd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Segrist, D., & Pawlow, L. (2009). Whom do you know? Demonstrating networking in a careers in psychology course. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 36, 352-356.
  • Pawlow, L., Pomerantz, A., & Sullivan, B.F. (2007). Protecting undergraduate volunteers: Balancing confidentiality with the duty to protect and/or warn. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 1, 147-152.
  • Segrist, D., & Pawlow, L. (2007). The mixer: Introducing the concept of factor analysis. Teaching of Psychology, 34, 121-123.
  • Martin, C, O'Neil, P, & Pawlow, L. (2006). Changes in food cravings during low-calorie and very-low calorie diets. Obesity Research, 14, 115-121.

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