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Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Grade Level: 3-4

Objective: Students will memorialize Abraham Lincoln in the way that they most want to remember him.

Students will display the respect they have for the 16 th president by creating a poster to advertise for the new memorial.

Standards: 16.B.2d (US) Identify major political events and leaders within the United States historical eras since the adoption of the Constitution, including the westward expansion, Louisiana Purchase, Civil War, and 20th century wars as well as the roles of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Materials: Students will be provided with a large piece of white construction paper and a sheet of white paper. They will provide their own pencils to draw the picture and crayons or markers to color the picture.

Procedures: At the end of a Unit on Abraham Lincoln, students will be presented with pictures of various Abraham Lincoln Memorials. They will then be asked the following questions:

What makes these memorials unique?

What is the purpose of the memorial?

What are some other ways you would like to memorialize Abraham Lincoln?

Students will then be given a piece white paper and will be asked to begin to sketch their memorial on the paper. This will be a rough draft of the final picture. When students begin to finish, they will be given a piece of white construction paper. On the paper they will be instructed to draw their picture in the middle and write the title of their memorial at the top and their name at the bottom. When students are finished drawing, they will then color the picture.

Assessment: Students will be assessed by the following rubric:

Originality of Memorial: /15

Neatness of drawing and coloring: /15

Project Turned in Promptly: /10

Total: /40

Pictures of Memorials




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