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Abraham Lincoln and Log Cabins

3 rd Grade/Special Education

2 - 30 Minute Lessons


Discuss Abraham Lincoln and his early pioneer life and build a log cabin.

Compare Abraham Lincoln's life with the life of the students.

Students will complete timeline of Abraham Lincoln's life.

Illinois State Learning Standards

State Goal 16: Understand events, trends, individuals, and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the Unites States and other nations.

State Goal 16A: Apply the skills of historical analysis and interpretation.


Book on the life of Abraham Lincoln by Raymond Bial, for example, Where Lincoln Walked

Materials to build log cabin


1. Teacher read aloud and discuss book on Abraham Lincoln and his pioneer life. (Book that has pictures of New Salem for example.)

2. Have students discuss similarities and differences with his life then and their life now.

3. Using a Venn diagram, have students take turns completing chart on board.

Items can include: chores, house, food, for example.

4. Discuss skills needed to build a house. Abraham Lincoln only had 3 years of education.


1. Students will write 1 paragraph comparing and contrasting their life now with the life of Abraham Lincoln then.

2. Students will build a log cabin.

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