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Emancipation Proclamation vs. The Thirteenth Amendment

Grade Level:

Objectives: Students will learn the importance of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Students will have a deeper understanding of the Civil War by giving themselves the perspectives of various members of the north and south (ex: the governor of a Southern state, a Northern elected official, an abolitionist, and even President Lincoln himself).

Standards: 16.B.2d (US) Identify major political events and leaders within the United States historical eras since the adoption of the Constitution, including the westward expansion, Louisiana Purchase, Civil War, and 20th century wars as well as the roles of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Materials: The teacher will provide the book Would You Do What Lincoln Did? Students will provide paper and writing utensils.

Procedures: Read aloud Would You Do What Lincoln Did? When finished, asked students the following questions:

1. What did Lincoln do that was so important?

2. Why do you believe it made such a difference?

After an in depth discussion of the book, students will then be asked to take out a piece of paper and a pencil. They will then be asked to write one sentence explaining the Emancipation Proclamation. When they are finished with that they will then proceed to write a short paragraph titled, "Would You Do What Lincoln Did?" where they will answer the question, providing details.

Assessment : Students will be assessed with the following rubric:

Sentence about the Emancipation Proclamation: /10

Paragraph makes sense and contains ending marks and capital letters: /15

Total: /25

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